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Jobs for Those Who Want to Work with Computers

If your idea of the perfect job is one where you get to sit in front of a computer all day or work on computers, you have a wide range of roles available to you. You can pursue a degree in a computer and information sciences subject, although it’s also possible to work in some roles without a degree. There are other qualifications and certifications available that might help you as you build experience in your chosen field. If you know that you want to work with computers but you’re not sure exactly what you want to do, you can look at various roles that you might find fulfilling.

Software Engineer

Software is essential for businesses, and it’s something that people use on their personal computers too. If you have computer hardware but don’t have any software, you won’t be able to do much of anything. Software engineers are in high demand, especially as the nature of software and how it’s being used is changing. For example, cloud technologies are becoming increasingly more common, which means that there is a higher demand for applications software engineers to build cloud programs. As other technologies develop, software needs to keep up, and software engineers help with this.

Videogame Designer

Becoming a videogame designer is a dream for many who have a love of computers and gaming. However, while many people only fantasize about getting to design games for a living, others make a plan and aim to turn their dream into a reality. Opportunities for videogame designers grow as the capacity for games to be more powerful than ever increases. If you’re thinking about being a game designer, having experience in mobile application development can be helpful. Although gaming consoles are popular, there are also plenty of people who play games on their phones or tablets.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile applications can provide a huge variety of functions. From games to more practical apps, they are constantly being developed. The world has changed, and mobile devices are now a part of our everyday lives, with mobile apps used for even the most basic things. Whether reading a newspaper or learning a new language, people will turn to the apps that they can download onto their phone. Mobile app developers are very much in demand, especially those who are able to develop apps for both of the main platforms, Apple iOS and Google’s Android platform.

Information Security Analyst

Working in security can be a great option for people who are interested in all things computers. Keeping data and systems secure is a top priority in the modern world, where cybercrime is high. There are various skills that can be used and roles that can be taken on as an information security analyst. Some professionals act as a white hat hacker to test vulnerabilities for organizations by trying to break through their defences. Others might provide more general security services, helping to maintain and improve the security for their employer or client. IT executives often find it difficult to find security experts with the right skills, so you can show you have what it takes by building the necessary experience.

Computer Systems Analyst

Computer systems analysts are particularly helpful to growing businesses that need help with their technology. They are needed to architect new systems that meet the technological needs of organizations. This can sometimes involve helping organizations comply with the law, such as in the healthcare industry, or simply to help them keep up with new developments in customer demands. The demand for computer systems analysts is growing at a faster than average pace.

Web Developer

Web development might be another area that you are interested in if you want to ensure there will always be work available. As long as people start new businesses, they will require people to help them build and maintain websites. It’s essential for businesses and other organizations to be online in the modern age, whether the main purpose of their website is to provide information or to sell their products. Web developers need to be able to understand what businesses and their customers are looking for. Skills in user interface, user experience and responsive design are all useful for those looking for jobs.

Database Administrator

Database administrators are necessary for those organizations that need to be able to manage large amounts of data. All of the information that they collect needs to be stored and organized in the right way, as well as analyzed and kept secure at all times. One of the issues that is becoming more important is the need for greater security, especially as more systems are connected to the cloud. Those who are able to combine their database experience with skills in security might find that they are able to discover more job opportunities.

Technology Manager

IT managers are required throughout businesses and organizations of all sizes. Being a manager isn’t just about having the technical skills but also being able to manage and lead. As the demand for various technical roles grows, businesses also need to hire information technology managers who can be in charge of teams of IT professionals. IT experts with skills in different areas will be able to find positions that are suited to their experience and strengths.

Network Administrator

Network administrators can also become more useful to businesses as they expand. When it’s time for new computer systems and networks, they will need network administrators to help them install the technologies that they need. Organizations that conduct their business online will be looking for network administrators who can help them make sure they do this in a secure way. They will be using mobile applications and cloud computing to reach their goals and meet the demands of their customers. Demand for network administrators is growing at an average rate, with around 1,800 new jobs each year.

If you want to work with computers, there are many different ways you can do it. Explore your options, and you can discover which skills might help you build a career.

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