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Keep Getting Turned Down? Here’s How to Improve Your Employment Chances

employmentWhen you need a job, getting rejected can be pretty painful. If it keeps happening to you, then you might want to take another look at your strategy. Here are some quick tips that will help you become a stronger candidate for any job!

Don’t get too discouraged

Rejection is an everyday reality in the business world. The people who are currently hired in your dream industry have all been rejected by potential employers before. You can’t let it get you down. If this all seems a little too “feel-good” to be practical advice, then let’s get practical about it. When you get discouraged, you get angry or sad. And when that happens, you begin to lose focus. You need a clear head and strong focus in order to succeed here. Calmly review your recruitment plan, and try to stay optimistic.

Improve your CV – but put real focus on cover letters

Your CV should be filled with information, but it should be concise. Employers get flooded with these things. You need to have a lot of info on their, but employers should be able to read them in less than a couple of minutes. Remember to tailor your CV for each application. Not all of your experience will be relevant to every employer. But one of the most common mistakes people make in this field is focussing on the CV when they should be focussing on the cover letter. That’s your real opportunity to shine.

Make a website

How useful this can be really depends on what it is you want to do. But a website can be impressive in pretty much any industry. If you maintain a well-written blog, then it will show focus and an ability to write well. Showing off your smarts in this way can help your chances, even if it doesn’t seem immediately relevant. It certainly helps you look more interesting! If you’re applying for a creative industry, then a website is essential for your portfolio.

Learn some new skills

People overestimate the power of formal education when it comes to CVs. But people often underestimate the power of informal education! Learning new skills online, away from formal academia, shows a willingness to better yourself outside of a classroom. Of course, looking into skills that are relevant to the job you want is even more useful. You can take language lessons, coding lessons, graphic design lessons… There are loads of opportunities online. eCoaches online tutors can give you one-to-one help in these areas.

Consider “foot in the door” jobs

You may want to consider that you’re aiming too high if you’ve not got much “beginner” experience in the industry. Of course, this isn’t a blanket rule. You should always give these things a shot, after all. But if you really need a job, then look into jobs a little lower down the chain for the time being. For example, let’s say you want to be a designer in the games industry. If there’s nothing going, or you’re getting rejected, consider a job in QA. This gives you a “foot in the door” in the industry. It will also give you an edge when you apply again later!

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