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Let Your Passion In Life Be Your Passport To A Better Job

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Let’s face it, more than a few of us find ourselves stuck in jobs we would rather not be doing for at least a few years of our lives. In everyday conversation, it is perhaps the number one topic of complaint. For all of the positive things we say about other aspects of life, we usually have a work quibble. Maybe we hate our boss, maybe the hours are too long, maybe the customers are always irritable.

If the above describes your situation, you are so very far from being alone in that. As much as we all want to get up in the morning and look forward to the day, for a lot of us work is something to get through. We’d like to be working in a job where we can use our skills, and about which we are enthusiastic. And the good news is that you can – but it might not happen overnight.

So You Love … Travel

airportA great number of us see travel as the number one thing we would do if we had unlimited spare time and funds. Imagine waking up one morning and thinking “OK then, Milan today!”. Sadly, few jobs are like that. But you can find jobs where you’ll get travel costs covered, accommodation sorted for you and job fulfilment.

Among the possible jobs for you are: English Teacher, Flight Attendant, Tour Guide.

So You Love … Beauty

You are the friend that all other friends come to when they need their hair done just right. Or you can do nail decals that are original and clever. Maybe you run a blog about makeup tips in your spare time. These are skills that are increasingly in demand. Invest in the right makeup for makeup artists, and you could become a go-to for more than just your friends. Bye bye office job, hello Hollywood?

Places you could make money as a beauty maven: Film sets, Weddings, Fashion design houses

So You Love … Sport

You’re fending off the sixtieth call today from someone who is disgusted, just DISGUSTED at the chair they paid $1000 for. You breathe deep, resist all urges to tell them you wish you had that money to spend on a chair. You tell them you’ll do what you can for them. All the while, to stop you crying, you recite the lane order for the 1992 Olympic 100 meters final. An ability to talk with authority about sport could yet be your way out of this Purgatory.

Ways to get paid for knowing about sport: Statistician, Sports Psychologist, Referee

Some of the above solutions are a little more fantastic than others, at least right away. Yes, they aren’t all entry-level positions. Yet, with some study behind you and by knowing the right places to look, you could make your passion pay.

We all have to do the wage slave thing at times, and even in an industry you love you sometimes have to clean the toilets. Sometimes metaphorically and sometimes literally. But just knowing you could have a passport out of that job can be a blessed relief.

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