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Low Job Satisfaction? Here’s What You Should Be Looking For

Pretty much all of us go to work for around 40 hours a week. That’s a long time to be spending in the office, especially when you don’t enjoy your job, right? However, there are plenty of people out there with below average job satisfaction, who just need to change up their work lives. And who can blame you for wanting to make your everyday a whole lot better?

Knowing the signs to look out for when it comes to improving your job satisfaction can be difficult, however. Sure, we all want to be enjoying our time at work, but how do you make it happen, and what should you be looking for?

Happiness, not a big paycheck

OK, so it sounds pretty cliche. However, there are plenty of people out there who choose out their careers based upon the income that they could get from them, rather than the fact that they actually enjoy them. And whilst this may seem like a wise idea if you want to have all of the ‘finer’ things in life, it rarely works out well.

Money isn’t the most important thing here, it’s your happiness. If you wake up and you’re dreading going into work every day, then what’s the point in doing so? Earning less money, but having higher job satisfaction, is invariably a better option if you want to be happier in the long-run. Trust us on this one!

Increased flexibility

In the modern office, there are sometimes quite a few empty seats. This is because a lot of business owners are now letting their employees work from home on some days, and it has been proven to increase job satisfaction significantly. Sure, you will be in the office sometimes, but having more flexibility is key.

This is because you don’t have all of the distractions of the office – OK, you do have your fridge – and you don’t have to spend 40 hours going through the same boring motions. A change of scenery is sometimes just what you need to get your happiness levels back up, so don’t hesitate to ask your boss about your options here.

A challenge, rather than an ‘easy’ job

Let’s be honest here, most of us would rather have an easier job than a difficult one. You don’t want to be running around stressing all day, and you certainly don’t want to be lying awake all night worrying about your job, do you? However, whilst this may be the case sometimes, a challenge at work is linked to higher job satisfaction.

This is because you can feel like you’re stuck in a boring rut otherwise, and the buzz that you get from actually achieving something is pretty good. You don’t want to be doing the same mind-numbing things every day, or you could find that your job satisfaction levels are at rock bottom, which isn’t the goal here.

A role that helps others

OK, so you may be wondering what the issue really is with your job. You’re doing everything that you can be doing, but that feeling of satisfaction just isn’t there. And it could be the case that your job simply doesn’t contribute anything to society, or the people around you. Some people can deal with this, and others can’t.

A change of career path may be what you’re looking for here, and you might want to go into something that contributes to the wellbeing of others. Maybe you want to do the SY0-501 CompTIA Test and go into the security sector, or perhaps you want to work in public services? Whatever it is, helping others can bring higher job satisfaction.

An understanding boss

Sometimes, your boss is getting in the way of your job satisfaction. Perhaps you tell them your concerns and they don’t listen, or they’re pretty certain that they want to keep the business in the dark ages and won’t change their ways. Maybe, your boss is a bit of a megalomaniac, and it’s difficult to deal with.

Whatever the issues are, you need to ensure that you try to rectify them. Tell your boss how you feel, and if the problems are always overlooked, then think about looking for a job elsewhere. Some people don’t change their ways, and if working underneath them has always been difficult, then find a different role.

Feedback on your progress

The truth is that everybody needs to be reassured that they’re doing OK every once in a while. You need to have a constant means of support if you want to increase your job satisfaction, because it allows you to see whether you’re taking the right route, and it also shows you whether you’re achieving things at the rate that you want to.

Ensure that there is a means for progression in your job, and that there are people within the company who want to help you to get into those higher roles. If this doesn’t happen in your current office, then schedule a meeting with your boss, and express your interest in progression. You have nothing to lose here!

The ability to take control over your development

At work, you can sometimes get lumped in with the whole. You stop thinking about your development and progress, and instead, you’re focusing upon just answering a bunch of emails every day. Sure, it’s probably part of your job, but make sure that you don’t lose sight of your own future in favor of your current role.

If you want to do a course to expand your knowledge further, then why not do it? If you want to progress within the company, or get a raise, then why not ask about it? You need to think about your development, and this will contribute to your overall happiness. Looking to the future is always good career-wise!


If you want to improve your job satisfaction, then look out for these things and try to incorporate them into your work life. After all, why spend all of your time in the office feeling unhappy and stressed? Good luck!

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