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Lucrative Alternatives To Working In An Office

Working in an office may be a good way to pay the bills, but it is certainly not that exciting. As sad as it may seem, this opinion seems to be shared by people who actually work in offices. In a survey of 8117 people, of those who said that their personality was suited to the office environment, only 19% said that they loved their job; 50% gave the more tepid answer and said that they liked their job, with 23% conceding that it is at least tolerable. These figures do not inspire much confidence. When choosing a career, or any sort of job in fact, you should pick something that is more than just tolerable. It is estimated that over the course of a lifetime, the average person will spend around 90000 hours at work.  Since it is a necessary and unavoidable aspect of modern life, you may as well choose something that you enjoy. If you are currently looking for work but you do not want to take a job in an office, or you’ve just recently graduated and you want to find something while you assess your options and set out on a career, you may be thinking about temping or getting a full-time position in an office. It is easy to think of an office job as a backup upon which you can always rely. That may be, but if you want something a little different, here are a few more exciting and also lucrative options that you should consider:

What is the opposite of being stuck at a desk all day? Driving on the open road, of course. You may never have considered team truck driving as a job that you might be able to do, but you can. There are a few requirements that you have to meet beyond just having a driver’s license, and experience helps in any job, but it can pay quite well, and your office will not be the same four walls every morning, but wherever you happen to be in the country at that time. It is exciting and never the same two days running.

If it is more specifically the office part of an office job that you don’t like, but you think you’d be quite good at the sort of work people do in offices, why not work from home? There are lots of scams on the internet that promise great returns with just a little investment (never send anyone money unless you are absolutely sure that they are legitimate). However, there are lots of great opportunities that make working freelance more feasible than you might imagine.

If you are a recent university graduate, you may want to think about the possibilities of tutoring. The internet has connected the entire world and made it much easier to learn a new language, as well as earn money teaching one. If you have a webcam and a basic understanding of grammar, you are just about set (check out sites like italki, for instance). Otherwise, you can tutor in person in your local area. It pays much more per hour than many jobs, making it another feasible alternative to an office.

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