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Pedram Zohrevand Discusses How to Get Into Civil Engineering

Have you always wanted to become a civil engineer? Well, it is a promising career but you need to follow these steps to make sure you get your foot in the door suggests civil engineering star Pedram Zohrevand.

Pedram Zohrevand has provided us with five things you need to do for a successful career in the industry. Take a look at what Pedram Zohrevand has to say.

  1. Find The Right Course

To become a civil engineer, you need a university degree. Of course, you should know that each university has a different degree program from the next. Also, there are numerous institutions to choose from, if you want to become a civil engineer. Do your research when looking for the best civil engineering program to study.

Start by checking the university rankings to understand the best context of the civil engineering department in every institution. Don’t fixate on one league table after checking it. You should know that universities are different and the best one for your civil engineering education might not be at the top of the list. Highly qualified and experienced civil engineer Pedram Zohreva obtained a PhD in Civil Engineering from Florida International University in Miami.

Next, you should check the accreditation of every school. If you want to become a chartered civil engineer, you need a Bachelor’s degree from a chartered institution. Visit the official accreditation website to find out whether or not your university of choice offers an accredited civil engineering course. For the course to be accredited, it should have been approved and assessed by experts and academics in the field.

  1. Get Work Experience

Some degree courses will give you a year of experience in the industry, the best way to build contacts in your niche. If the program doesn’t have this opportunity, you can seek your own experience. By getting work experience or internship in the civil engineering field, you can stand out from the rest of the candidates.

By working in the field alongside other civil engineers, you will have an idea of what your career actually looks like. You can look for summer placements in the top organizations in the field. As an intern, you might not get the most exciting tasks but you can meet other civil engineers and observe their job. If you are interested in interning for a particular organization but can’t find open vacancies advertised, you can make a job application asking about their current opportunities.

  1. Get A Master’s Degree
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If you want to become a chartered civil engineer, you need to get a postgraduate qualification. Note that, a lot of civil engineers have a Masters Degree. You can combine the undergraduate and postgraduate levels and finish faster than doing each apart. Find the best postgraduate courses in civil engineering to get the best chance at a good career in the field.

  1. Join A Professional Body

Make sure you are registered in a professional body for civil engineers, if you want to be successful in this field. You can be registered as a member, technician, associate or fellow, depending on your qualifications. Note that, with most of these professional bodies, membership is free for apprentices and students.

You can enjoy a few benefits after registering in a professional body. For instance, you can enjoy career development prospects, enhanced employment and access to professional training. Even better, you will have access to tailored support and numerous networking events.

  1. Become A Chartered Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is a demanding and competitive discipline. Opportunities to progress in your career are very limited if you are not chartered. Once you have started studying, gained relevant work experience and registered in a professional body, you should work towards being a chartered civil engineer.

Note that, civil engineers make a good salary so by becoming one, you will be set for life.

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