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Perfect Careers for Working Moms

More women than ever before are returning to work once they have had children. Sometimes, before their children start school, while they are still young and need constant care. Often, this is because of financial concerns, they need to work to support their families, but sometimes it’s because the mother wants to contribute financially and set a good example. There certainly isn’t a right and wrong reason or way to do it. But it is always tough. Whether you have a childminder, you are putting your child into a nursery, or a relative or friend is looking after them, to make it work and keep everyone happy you’ll need to find a career that offers plenty of flexibility and support. Here’s a look at some of the best. 

When you think of flexible careers, teaching is probably the first one that comes to mind. The hours are reasonable, you get school holidays off, which is especially useful when your own children reach school age, and these are the perfect jobs for people who love kids. Teaching also gives you options. If you’d rather teach a particular subject, high-school, college, or other forms of higher education might be the right choice. But, if you prefer to offer a broad education, you might want to teach younger children. That said, you might not want to teach children at all, in which case, you might want to look at adult education. 

Other School-Based Jobs

Not everyone can teach. Not everyone wants to teach. And, it’s worth remembering that while teachers work relatively flexible hours, they do start before school does, and finish after it. There’s usually work to take home, and frequent after school events that require attendance. Fortunately, teachers aren’t the only people that work in schools. You could work in the office or dining room. Some people prefer to be classroom assistants or lunchtime supervisors. Other school-based careers include cleaning, school bus driving, school counselors and nurses, or school-based careers advisors. There are many jobs in schools that you might not have considered. 


Nursing is an excellent job for moms, as it’s perfect for people with a naturally compassionate nature, that enjoy caring for others. But, the hours often put people off. If you are looking for a flexible job around childcare arrangements, you might not be able to work 12 hour ER shifts. But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t be a nurse. You could work in a care home or hospice. Nurses play important roles in doctors practices and sports centers, as well as specialty hospitals and treatment centers. Once you are trained as a nurse, you have options, many of which are flexible. 


Freelancing can be the perfect choice for working moms, especially while their children are young. Freelance careers like writing, editing, and web design can be done entirely from home, and give you the chance to work your own hours. Around other commitments, or even while you care for your children. Other freelance jobs like catering and photography might require you to take on some work outside the home. But you will still be responsible for accepting and arranging work, giving you much greater flexibility than you could ever have working for someone else. Think about your talents, interests, and skills, and ask yourself if you could make money from them. 

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