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Quitting Your Job – Letter of Resignation

These days people quit jobs for all sorts of reasons such as more money or better hours. Whatever the case may be for you leaving your job, sometimes a letter of resignation is required. If it can be avoided then avoid it, but if you are under a legal or any other kind of obligation to give a letter of resignation do so in a professional and concise manner.

You are not the President, so the whole world doesn’t need to know what your plans are in the future and what specifically lead you to your decision to quit. When preparing the letter, just a simple thank you for employment and date that you will be leaving should suffice. Don’t get into specifics and don’t write a book. Keep it as short and sweet as you possibly can.

When leaving your job for whatever reason, never just drop the resignation letter on the boss’ desk or mail it to them. Take the time to go into the boss’ office and hand them the letter personally. When handing it to them, thank them for the opportunity they gave you and all that they have taught you in your time there. This may be awkward for you, but it is a necessary step to ensure that you leave on the best possible terms and it will allow you to walk out on your last day with your head held high. This will also ensure that you can get a good recommendation if you should need one down the road.

No one likes to quit, but if handled properly and professionally, it can be a lot less stressful than you think. Sometimes resignation letters are a way of corporate life, so deal with it like a pro and you will have nothing to feel bad about upon your departure.

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