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Responding to a Less than Glowing Review


review For some people, just the word performance review is enough to send them into a fit of anxiety. For other people it is a pleasant opportunity to sit and chat with their boss about their stellar performance and the inevitable raise coming their way. If you are in the former category and know that your performance review will not be perfect or you are not sure what it will bring, you need to follow these tips.

•    Do not get defensive about the criticism you receive.
•    Try to understand the culture of the company. If everyone has something negative on his or her performance review, then it is the norm and you must live with it. If performance reviews are always perfect and yours is not, you should take it as an indicator that your job is in jeopardy.
•    If you feel that anything on your performance review is unfair or inaccurate, write a letter explaining it to your boss and copying the HR department on it. Carefully choose what you will say and remain calm and professional.
•    If you truly deserve the negative comments, then take them with dignity. Acknowledge that you have not met your boss’s expectations and apologize. State the steps you plan to take to rectify the problems with your performance.

The appropriate response to a bad review can potentially save your job. If you become angry, overly upset or overreact, you are putting your job further at risk. Use common sense and always act like a professional.

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