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Rewarding Jobs That Won’t Tie You To Your Desk

nurseGetting sick of the nine-to-five job? Being stuck in an office isn’t for everyone. And some people are much better suited to a different work style that doesn’t leave you sitting at your computer for the entire day. So if you are ready for a career change, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve researched some of the most rewarding jobs that won’t tie you to your desk! Read on to find out more.


One of the most rewarding jobs out there is teaching. It’s a great way to give back to your local community by educating kids. Even if you have been working in a different job for a few years, it is still relatively easy to go back to college and study to become a teacher. As well as a very rewarding job, you can also benefit from the fantastic hours. Sure, you will have to work every weekday, but only until the mid-afternoon. And you can enjoy not having to go to work during the school holidays!

Ski Instructor

If you are love being active and outdoors, becoming a ski instructor could be your dream job. It’s extremely easy to get into if you can already ski. You will just need to take a course to get the qualifications needed to teach learners. Most ski resorts offer these courses. You could still become a ski instructor even if you aren’t the most confident skier. You just need to polish your skiing skills before you begin the course! Worried about not having any work during the summer? Don’t be! Most ski resorts open all year round as there are plenty of hiking routes through them once the snow goes. So many instructors stay on at the resort and help out with bar and other hospitality work.


Nursing is another fantastically rewarding job that allows you to give back to the community. And just like with teaching, you can still go into nursing later in life. You just need to do a college course such as an Online Bachelor’s in Healthcare Administration. There are many different nursing qualifications available. Some qualifications that focus on administration will give you the chance to start as a manager and manage an entire ward. One thing you won’t have to worry about once you work in health care is a boring nine-to-five routine. You’ll be working shifts which will regularly change.


If you love being creative, hairdressing could be the career that suits you best. You’ll get the chance to use your artistic side to style and color various hairstyles. When you become a hairdresser, you will need to decide whether to get a job in a salon or work for yourself. Working for yourself will give you a lot more independence and will also give you the chance to work whenever you want to.

So why just stay at your desk when there is a whole world of exciting jobs out there that offer a variety of hours and lifestyles!

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