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Signs You Will Enjoy A Career In Biotech

The decision to change one’s career path is a complex and difficult one, particularly if the change is from academic research to biotechnology.  The majority of scientists are concerned about the lack of independence in biotech, as well as performing science responsibilities for profit; however, there are also various benefits to the change.  When working in a biotech lab you will be able to work in many alternative and unique projects that will actually be completed.  The fruit of your labor will be new kits and the excitement begins when sales start coming in.

Another benefit to working in the biotech industry is the experience gained on a business level.  In a biotech role you can learn valuable skills including marketing, operations, production, QC processes, technical writing, and even sales abilities.  Furthermore, due to the fact that you will have the ability to complete different tasks, attempt new jobs, and ‘move up the ladder’, you will be able to experience all types of industry positions.  Of course, to do this you will require dedication to the industry and motivation in the role.

This sounds rather exciting doesn’t it?  However, you may still be wondering whether or not you are well-suited for a position in biotech science.  To help determine if you will experience success in this field, it is important to take some considerations into account.  By taking the following considerations into account, you may be able to identify whether biotech is the best industry for you.


#1 – Enthusiasm And Outgoingness


Almost all companies in the biotech field require scientists who are unafraid to stand up in a room of people and voice their opinion.  A scientist who is able to and enjoys speaking to customers can be a great asset to the company.  This level of enthusiasm is important to retain high motivation in teams and will indicate the positive personality of a person which is essential when meeting deadlines.  If you do not present with outgoingness and enthusiasm, the chances are that you will not have confidence in your ability to find solutions. This post from Quanta provides a good insight into what’s involved in a lot of this area.


#2 – Good Team-Working Skills


Creating a good product is highly dependent on effective teamwork.  This development of products will require operations, item production, marketing of the product, and effective R&D.  Studies have shown that no positive solutions are based on the efforts of a single individual but need a team of different professionals.  If you are unable to work with others, it can be difficult to develop a positive solution even if there is a team of professionals working on the item.


#3 – Dealing With Change


The only thing a person can really count on in biotech is change.  This may be changing the position of your desk, changing the team you will be working with, or changing the company regulations for employee behavior or team procedures.  For example, I was required to relocate to a different working cubicle at least four times per year.  This consideration is a large one to take into account because it requires a person to be flexible in their work approach.  If you prefer consistency, it may not be suitable to enter the biotech industry.


#4 – Enjoying Inventing


If you have the desire to be on a patent or enjoy thinking up new methods to complete tasks, it may be possible to consider a career in biotech science.  Dependent on your position, there may be the option to invent things between running assays.  In fact, a person who is in a scientific position may focus exclusively on researching or developing patentable solutions with new trade secrets.


#5 – The Option Of Travelling


One feature of the biotech industry is the option for employees to travel.  In this career field, it is possible for the scientists to leave the lab and attend conferences or visit clients in distant locations.  Marketing managers find it beneficial if the scientists of inventions present their work at conferences and network with researchers.  Unlike academic researchers where travel is often limited, the biotech scientists do not have a limit on their annual meetings and their positions focus on traveling exclusively.

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