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Some Thoughts On A Career In Social Work

Want to improve your social work career. Then take a look at these tips below to get some ideas on how to do so.

Tend Your Social Network

I had a lucky start to my career because I landed in a tight-knit community of coworkers. We all looked out for each other and were ready to lend each other a hand when needed. This is getting less and less common thanks to flexible scheduling and mobile working. Take action to build up a professional support network for yourself so that you always have trustworthy people you can ask for advice. In order to get help, you’ll have to be willing to give it at times. This doesn’t mean you have to respond to every request that comes your way; it’s OK to claim some of your time for your own needs. Remember that your own loved ones deserve to get taken care of, too.

Respect Every Member Of Your Team

Everyone in your organization has a role to play, and the team as a whole relies on everyone doing their job. Remind yourself that your coworkers (and your managers and supervisors) are facing unique challenges of their own and you don’t necessarily know the best way for them to meet their obligations. Be friendly with everyone, especially the administrators. They’re the people who have to deal with the big picture and they’re often prime sources of useful information.

Learn And Build Your Skills Whenever Possible

After completing several challenging years of university-level training and then some very educational years in service, you may not be that enthusiastic about devoting your time to even more learning. Make the effort to expand your skill set continuously. Training and learning will keep your thinking fresh, boost your energy, and open up doors for career climbing in the future. I actually love the way that social work is always evolving; there’s something new for me to learn every time I go looking. I’m always eager to find out about the next big change in the field, and you should be too.

Reflect On Your Work

You need to make a habit of reflecting and reviewing your work. This is important both professionally and personally. If you never take your nose off the grindstone to look at how you’re doing, you’ll end up with tunnel vision. This could cause you to miss important developments with your cases or with the industry as a whole. You don’t need to spend hours poring over every step you’ve taken; simply taking a thoughtful walk or sharing a cup of tea with a colleague will give you ample time to reflect. Changing your perspective (and perhaps soliciting some advice) can get you thinking about your work in entirely new ways.

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Know That Some Cases Are Tough

It’s the nature of the job that some of your cases will give you sleepless nights. Don’t let the hard cases depress you; you’ll get through them in time. Take full advantage of the other talents on your team when you’re faced with an especially challenging case. You don’t have to make all the tough decisions on your own. Reach out for others’ expertise when it will be helpful.

Boost The Profession

The most common assumption people will make when you say you’re a social worker is that you work with kids. Be ready to explain the adult side of social work (if that’s the portion you spend your time on) in clear language. I’ve had good friends ask me “what is it you really do” after I’ve been on the job for five years. If you’re looking for a new challenge, Capita Specialist recruitment could help you find it.

Remember You Can Make Changes

If you see a better way to do your job, pursue it aggressively. You’ll have to talk to the right people to make it happen, and it can take time to figure out exactly who they are. Attack the problem with patience.

Although social work is often challenging, I also think of it as a very privileged profession. It presents an ever-changing range of jobs and people, and we get to see the best in people along with their difficulties. These are the experiences that make the work so rewarding.

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