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Some Truths About The Path To Career Fulfillment…

Because we spend a third of our lives, if not more, at work, then we had better make sure that the career we choose is a damn good one. But the fact is, most of us fall into a job that we can tolerate, and we continue to do this without ever challenging ourselves, coasting through life, until it’s time to retire. The vast majority of us do a job because we have to, but does this mean that we need to stay in this job? Or should we make the leap into something that we find more enjoyable? It seems that, if we want to have a fulfilling career, there are a certain amount of truths that we need to know before filling out that application for fighter pilot…

The Perks Aren’t Everything

A lot of the time now, we are choosing a job based on the number of perks it has. But if you really want to do something that you have a passion for, it’s time to forget about the perks. Mozart was a starving artist and he had no workplace pension! There’s an interesting article on about how the perks are not relevant to a great job, and it’s true. Granted, this security blanket is always welcome, but it doesn’t solve the problem of you being happy during your working week. And while there should be some sense of financial planning to ensure that you are secure, when it comes to chasing your dreams, you should not think about workplace benefits. They say you should do something that makes you happy, not because it pays well. And we all know, deep down, this is true, but we still chase those perks of the job.

Do You Have To Be A Leader To Be Happy?

We all feel that to achieve a sense of status, we have to climb, or be seen to climb up the career ladder. We feel that every time we transcend to the next level, it will be easier, but, here’s the truth, it isn’t! The further up the pecking order you go, the more stressful it’s going to be because of the more pressure you are under. So do you really have to chase that ideal position? It’s far better for you to follow your instincts and to go for what you feel will make you happy. We all seem to think that chasing the money is better, because that’s what society tells us. But if you want to go and work on a farm, even though you’ve been a banker for 30 years, what is stopping you? Even now, you can look online to get an idea of what you need if you really want to change careers. A site like provides an abundance of agricultural jobs, so even if you don’t have the necessary skills to do what you really want, you can still make a sideways entry, perhaps using the skills you already have.

Career fulfillment is about resetting your brain to realize that received wisdom isn’t always the best route for all of us. It’s a long path, but it’s one that we all are entitled to.

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