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Starting a Career in Implant Dentistry? Here Are Top 4 Tips for You

There’s no question. Implant dentistry is one the most rapidly developing practices in the field of dentistry. The world is in the middle of an ever-increasing oral health crisis. More than 36 million people in the United States do not have any teeth. And a whopping 120 million people are missing at least one tooth.

If you are thinking of a career in implant dentistry, there’s no better time to start. Whether you are just leaving dental school or you are in the process of landing a license, the practice of dental implants is as rewarding as desirable.

Don’t know where to start? Here are 4 tips to ease you into the world of implant dentistry.

Get the Prerequisites Knowledge

A career in implant dentistry is not for everyone. You’ll need a medical background to have a chance here. Your college or dental school curriculum can make you eligible to pursue a career in this field. Beyond that, you also need to know the medical profession’s ethics and practices.

Some of the foundational skills you’ll need include; Basic surgical experience, In-depth knowledge of the periodontal tissues, Patient Management and Medical history keeping.

Enroll in Online Courses

While you might have covered the basics of implantology during your college years, success in the practice requires hands-on expertise. You can only get this expertise through advanced courses. The fact is, getting hands-on is not possible by solely sitting in lecture classes.

Today, courses are the shortcuts to professionalism. They include online coursework and live implant training sessions where highly-trained implantologists train people from scratch. You can try dental implant courses at Implant Success Today. Considering the flexible schedule you’ll have, there is no limit to what you can learn at your own pace with these courses.

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Find a Mentorship Program

Joining a mentorship program is another way to complement your development and navigate challenges when starting. Getting a mentor is essential for success in the field of dentistry.  Ideally, you should find a mentor where you take your training. This will give you one-on-one to experts, and you can always ask questions and grow with confidence.

With a mentor, you won’t only learn skills to become a professional implantologists. You’ll also get a chance to learn deeply about how the industry operates.

Build Your Brand

After investing in knowledge and courses, the next best thing you can do is build your brand. Either with your name or a business name you chose, you need to let people know what you do.

The best way to go about this is by producing regular and relevant dentistry content. You can start with your social media handles, reach out to friends and connections, publish blog posts, and even make Youtube videos.


A career in implant dentistry is incredibly rewarding. It will get your chair filled with a continuous stream of patients. But, you need to make the initial investment: gather knowledge, take courses, get trained, and brand yourself. The onus is on you and you alone.

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