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Starting Up With Uber? Get These Things Down First

With over 3 million drivers on their books, Uber is a lucrative career choice for those who happen to have a reliable car and require flexible hours. It also happens to be a good choice for those who need to pick up a second or third job if they need to boost their full-time income. While driving under the Uber banner, drivers know that they’re merely contracted to the company and are not considered employees, much like taxi drivers who own their own taxis. Therefore, they should consider themselves self-employed and handle it accordingly.

Treat Your Gig Like A Business

It takes a lot to make a successful business owner and for those who want to nail the sales flywheel, it’s important to have the customer at the center. Customer service, the actual ride, and marketing should all work around the customer’s needs. For Uber drivers, this means keeping that perfect rating to ensure follow-up business and repeat clients. It could also mean a substantial tip once they reach their destination.

Get All The Paperwork In Order

Although Uber doesn’t require their drivers to have a commercial license, it’s important to find out whether the different states have different requirements. Those who happen to drive for Uber in other countries should also find out about the legal requirements there. Another important piece of paperwork to get in order is the insurance, as not all insurance companies take on ride sharing customers. Those who have existing policies may need to compare the differences between private and commercial use to ensure they have sufficient cover. 

Treat That Car Like The Company’s Best Asset

There are going to be rough nights when picking up drunk passengers from parties and functions and families with small children who insist on having snacks. Drivers can also expect dirt roads and dodgy areas, early morning flights and light night callouts, and even the odd pet from time to time. It’s important to keep both the interior and exterior squeaky clean in order to receive that coveted perfect score. It also means ensuring that the services are up to date and regular maintenance is done. The car is a source of income and should be kept in top condition in order to provide the service for as long as possible.

Whether taking up driving for Uber full time or as a means to supplement a fixed income, the requirements for drivers will remain the same. While it can be a lucrative means to make money, it’s up to the driver to ensure that their car remains in good shape for future business.

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