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Telecommuting: How to Make the Perfect Home Office

Decreased commute time, more flexibility, greater connectivity, and more time overall are among the advantages to telecommuting for many, yet one general drawback still remains. When working from home, the necessity for having an ideal work environment is even more important. While working from home is convenient, it is often difficult to separate oneself from the “home” and be able to effectively get work done. That being said, creating the perfect home office space is a must. Following these simple tips, you’ll find yourself creating an ideal home work space whether you’re a telecommuter or not.Telecommuting How to Make the Perfect Home Office

1. Create the Space

The most important consideration when creating a home office is the location of the actual space. While the most effective locale is a separate room that is at least partially separated from the rest of the home, space can be made wherever you have it in your home. If you don’t have a separate room to serve as your office, consider a small niche under an open stairwell, at one end of a room or hallway, or create a multipurpose room such as a guest room/office. Once you have selected a space, identify it as such and decide on “office hours” that are to be undisturbed by other family members.

2. Set-up the Space

After creating the space for an office, staging the space with appropriate furniture is important. If you have had to “make space” in an alcove of another room, you might consider sectioning it off with a set of bookshelves or cabinets. One item that you’ll want to be sure to locate is a desk, whether it is just a table or an actual custom piece. Otherwise, just arrange a desk and additional seating as you feel necessary for your line of work. Additional elements you’ll want to consider include a possible area rug, a coat hanger for visitors, and any other design features you feel are necessary and beneficial.

3. Organize and Outfit

Likely the most important step, organizing your work space to be functional is essential. Make room for any filing cabinets that are necessary, and locate a space for a bulletin board that can hold a calendar, “To Do” list, and any reminders. You’ll also need to have appropriate space for a computer and phone with strong connectivity. As you are likely to house additional office equipment in your home, you’ll want to make sure that all of your belongings, including your office items are safe and secure. At, you can peruse a variety of Arlington home security options.

The real key to creating the perfect home office is finding a space that works and making it work for you. Arranging and organizing the area so that it fits your needs will help you make the most out of your home office and help you enjoy what you do every day.

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