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The 3 Rewarding Careers You’ve Never Considered

When we’re job hunting, we tend to stick to what we know. We don’t take into account what we love doing in our spare time as much as we should, nor do we look for anything that might take us out of our comfort zone. It’s the fear of the unknown that holds us back, but there’s no reason for it to; there are so many options available to us that we aren’t aware of. So where do you begin?

Personal Trainer

If you have a look of fitness and exercise, then why not convert it into a career for yourself? Becoming a personal trainer isn’t as hard as it sounds, although it does require a certain amount of dedication. You can find personal training courses available to complete online, so you don’t even have to look far to get the necessary qualifications. The more effort that you put in before you take on the course, the easier you will find it to do. This is ideally suited to a people-person, as you will have to be interacting with people in order to train them and get them involved in a tailored exercise regime to reach their personal goals.


This is a job that is never going to hit a recession. No matter what happens, embalmers are always going to be in need – but not many people are looking at it as a career to guide themselves towards. It’s not just the preserving of bodies that you will be doing in this profession, but the application of makeup, comforting of families and so much more. You not only need a strong stomach to deal with this job, but a high sense of morality as well as the ability to cope with extremely stressful situations. It’s not a job that’s for everybody, but it offers a high level of job satisfaction; you will have an enormous amount of trust placed with you to give quality care and compassion in return to the families who have hired your services.

Rehabilitation Officer

When we think of the word rehab, substance abuse usually springs to mind. However, when you’re a rehabilitation officer, you are simply helping those who have been in unfortunate situations to make their way back into the community. This may not be due to drink and drugs, but perhaps they have just left jail due to criminal activity or have grown up in a violent household; there are lots of reasons as to why they may need your services. It’s a job that can put you in a lot of volatile situations, but you get training on the job to help you deal with the difficulties that are presented on a daily basis. The good thing about this job is that it is easy to see progress, which is usually reflective of the work that you have done with the individuals. You may have to liaise with other services in order to create the best plan for your client.


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  1. Michael Hermann

    I think the personal trainer would be a great choice for anyone who wants to stay fit and want to make it a profession. You can earn a lot of many by helping others to stay fit and healthy.

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