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The 5 Best Jobs in Tech

The technology industry is one that’s constantly growing, changing, and evolving. To cast your lot in with the tech industry is to pretty much acknowledge that your career is going to see a lot of change, and that you’re going to have to be something of a lifelong learner if you intend to keep up. Technology moves at a breakneck pace these days — it’s a staggering thought to consider that the first tablets were among us only three years ago. This being said, it’s easy to understand why you might be considering a job in the tech industry. But where to start? There’s so much that one can do when it comes to technology that figuring out what kind of a career to pursue in specific can really start to seem a bit daunting. We’ll talk about five of the best jobs that you might hope to get in the tech industry, and maybe these can give you some inspiration in terms of what it is you want to do.

1. Software Developer. Jobs like this will always be in demand, especially since software is and will continue to be the very backbone of the technology industry. Tech doesn’t really work without the software to run it these days — it’s just too complicated. As a software developer, you basically spend your time creating the blood that courses through the electronic veins of all the equipment everyone uses. That metaphor might sound a little extreme, but it’ll help when you need to consider how valuable a position like this might be.

2. Computer Programmer. Work like this is intensive, but incredibly valuable. You’ll need to be something of a marathon coder to enjoy a job like this, but you’ll be responsible for developing some of the most important software around. A computer programmer is responsible for maintaining and fixing the the very operations that make a computer run — you’ll literally be working at the heart of the tech industry.

3. Web Developer. The Internet is where business is done these days, and by positioning yourself as a web developer, you’re literally putting yourself in a place where you get to help decide its future. Think about it — few other jobs let you develop the very future of the market in which you work.

4. Database Admin. If you’re an attention-to-detail kind of person, this is a great job for you. Those of us that are meticulous to almost a fault, and have a love for things like systems and structure will do a great job as a database administrator. You’ll be responsible for making sure a huge amount of information stays organized, and if this sounds daunting, it is. But this is also why it pays well.

5. Systems Analyst. Knowing how the insides of a computer works is a handy skill whether you work at a PC wholesale outlet or the local Apple Store. With this skill set you’ll be able to work on the very innards of a computer or laptop — knowledge that doesn’t come easily.

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