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The Best Ways To Transition From Your Current Job To A New One

officeLeaving your job isn’t a possibility until a better offer arrives and turns your head. When this situation occurs, two things happen: you get excited and you panic. Obviously, you are excited because it is a new opportunity and a chance to improve your lifestyle. But, you also panic because you worry about leaving your current job. It isn’t nice leaving a job, but it is necessary if you want to take the offer on the table. For those of you that don’t know what steps you need to take, you should consider the following. Here’s how you transition from one job to another with minimal hassle.

Give Plenty Of Notice

Sometimes, the situation conspires so that you have to leave as soon as possible. If that is the case, there isn’t much you can do other than apologize and clean out your desk. For the most part, though, you will have a transition period before your move. During that period, you must inform your employer of your intention to leave and hand in your letter of resignation. Once they receive the letter, they know that they have a time limit before they need to find your replacement. As long as you give them anywhere between two weeks to a month, they shouldn’t have any problems. However, there might be a stipulation regarding the length of your notice, so check your contract first.

Sit Down With Your Boss

No one wants to leave in a huff because it doesn’t suit either party. Quite simply, you want a peaceful and amicable split. From time to time, that isn’t the case and you have to deal with the fallout of your decision. But, you will mostly find that your employer will accept the decision as long as they understand your motives. Ultimately, anyone that leaves without saying a word is going to get the cold shoulder. That is why you should organize a meeting with your superiors and talk to them face-to-face. Then, you can explain why you are leaving and get your point across. Plus, they can voice their opinions, and you can both work through your issues.

Explain To Your Colleagues And Peers

Your industry is a small place, and people talk. If you let them, they will start rumors about why you are leaving and your reasons. Although it is mainly conjecture, it can hurt your reputation. In some cases, it can even hurt your job prospects. As a result, it is a good idea to spread the word. Talk to the people that you trust the most and explain your decision. You can’t talk to everyone in the office, but they should be able to stick up for you when you leave. If you have a good relationship with your employer, you can ask them to say a few words on your behalf. As soon as your employer gives you the green light, you won’t get any hassle from your colleagues.

Have Another Way To Pass The Time

When you hand in your resignation letter, your employer might terminate your contract on the spot. It depends on how they take the news and what is best for the company. Regardless, they are well within their rights to ask you not to work your notice period if they prefer. For the most part, this won’t affect you in the slightest. You are still entitled to your wage for the hours you have worked, and you get a bit of time off before you start your new job. One problem some people have with this, however, is passing the time. You might have a month or two of free time before you start work, and you will get bored. With that in mind, think about you can do if they do decide to fire you on the spot. Can you do any freelance work for example? It is important to keep sharp and the money rolling through the door when you are unemployed.

Speak To A Lawyer

All of the above center on the fact that your split will be amicable. Well, that isn’t always the case because employers can make your life difficult. Although you do have rights, it can take ages to come to a conclusion over things like compensation. They know that, and they will use it to their advantage in the hope that they can make your life miserable. Your best option is to talk to a law firm like SiebenCarey that specializes in workers’ rights. With firms like this by your side, they will be able to help you negotiate your compensation package while maintaining your rights.

Leaving a job is never an easy task. With these tips, it just got a whole lot easier.

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