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The Impressive Traits That Every Employer Looks For

When it comes to the working world, it’s safe to say that every business is always going to want to hire the very best employees that they can find. Because nobody wants to hire someone who is awful at their job, always late, and a bit of a Negative Nelly! In fact, those are the kinds of people that employers will want to avoid at all costs. If you’re here and you’re looking for information and advice on your career and the job market, it’s safe to say that you’re not going to be one of those people. It’s more likely that you’re proactive and keen to do well in your career. And when that’s the case, then you’re definitely off to a good start.

Every employer will be looking for the right person. No matter the industry or the job, they will have an ideal candidate in mind. So much so, that they’ve probably pulled together a very detailed personal specification of what they want their new employee to be like, in terms of the skills, experience, and traits. And now, they’re looking for that person. So a lot of the time, if you want to find success during your job hunt, you will need to make sure that your skills and experience match up. And that will take time and work. But, there is one of those things that you can work on to make sure that you’re the best candidate you can be, and those are the traits.

So let’s take a look at the personality traits that every employer will want to see in their ideal candidate.


The very first trait that we’re going to talk about is positivity. And while you don’t have to be incredibly confident or perky in your interview, if you’re someone with a generally negative disposition, it will show. Employers always want to recruit people that will impact upon their business in the right way, so of course, they want you to be positive. A can-do attitude will always go a long way.

Willingness To Learn

You may not be an expert, you may not tick all of the boxes that they want you to in the skills or experience areas, but if you have a desire to learn as shows, and you want to grow, then this can be more impressive to an employer than you being over qualified. Attitude is everything, and if you’re willing to work hard, they’re going to want to snap you up.


No boss wants to have to handhold their staff. The idea of hiring someone in the first place is for them to be able to do that set job. So they’re going to want you to be proactive, to be a self-starter and be able to get on with the tasks you need to do. If you can show that you are capable and proactive, then any interviewer is going to be impressed.


Having morals is so important in life. If you’re a reliable and trustworthy person, then you’ll go a long way in life. And good employers will always want their employees to possess integrity, especially if they are a business with a lot of integrity themselves. So stand by your morals, which sites such as can help you to do, and stand tall. When you have integrity, it’s always going to reflect well in your career.


Closely related, we have honestly. No company wants to hire someone that is dishonest or that has lied to them. So never lie about your career, your skills or experience. Because it always comes out in the wash. Your boss will want to know they can trust you, so valuing honesty will always be an ideal trait to have.


Unsurprisingly, employers will always want their staff to have good time management skills. If you’re always late for work, it can affect your productivity levels, and even the standard of work that you do. It also looks bad. But if you’re timely, you’re great with time management, and you’re generally efficient too, this is always going to blow your employers away.


If you’re disorganized and messy, it can look bad. When you’re able to be as organized as possible in life, as shows us, you will always become a better person. Employers loved organized candidates because they’re generally more productive and efficient. They’ll always know where they are with their work, and be able to report back on anything important when asked. At the same time, they’re less likely to mess up too – and that’s always important to employers.


If you’re out for yourself, it can be a really unappealing quality. Your employer will wonder what you’re actually going to bring to the table for their company. If you’re selfish and uncommitted, it will worry them. But, if you’re able to channel your energy into the company, and become loyal to their goals and future, then your employer will definitely want to snap you up and keep you forever (or as long as they possibly can, at least).


Looks aren’t everything, but appearance is. If you’re messy and untidy, it says a lot about you as a person. So you have to make sure that you dress to impress. Not only will this matter at your interview, but it will show the employer that you will represent their company well. Because guess what, you may be your own person, but you represent their business too, and they need to know that you can represent them well.


Finally, every employer will always want you to be a nice person. When you’re a people person and you get along with others easily, they’ll love you. You need to be able to add to the environment, not take away from it. Employers will always want to make sure that you can fit in with the team. So if you’re friendly and approachable, everyone wants to be around you, they’re going to love you.

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