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The Pros and Cons of a Dental Assisting Career

A career as a dental assistant is a great way to get involved with health and healthcare, whether you want for it to be your main source of income or are trying to make it the next step to a more intensive career in dentistry. Rewards at work are something a lot of us take where we can get them, and as a dental assistant you get to enjoy rewards on a pretty daily basis. If you’re thinking about getting involved in dentistry, the training can be pretty intensive, and it can be expensive, to boot. You’re not simply finished with college and ready to start working as a dental assistant — the training and experience you’ll need is pretty specialized, so all in all the process can be something of a huge life investment, in more than just a financial way. As such, you really want to make sure that you’re making the right decision — your dental training is going to take a good few years, and you’re not exactly going to get that time back if you realize later on that you’re not as into dentistry as you thought you were. We’ll talk about some of the ups and downs that come along with working as a dental assistant. That way, you can decide as to whether or not you want to invest all that time and money into training yourself, and can help you decide how long you want to stay a dental assistant before perhaps moving on and trying to start up your very own dental practice.

First, the pros. A career as a dental assistant is great for you if you enjoy being around a lot of people on a regular basis. Just like any medical practice, there’s a huge social component, and you’ll get to interact with a ton of people all the time. From kids to adults, you get to make new friends at work pretty regularly, and as an assistant you’ll also be helping to improve their dental health. This is obviously a pretty serious reward simply in and of itself. Another great benefit of working at a career as a dental assistant is the fact that you’re constantly in close proximity to a local bastion of oral health. In fact, if you get good enough at your job, you’ll likely become one yourself. What’s more is that the pay for a dental assistant position really isn’t anything to scoff at.

In terms of cons, being a dental assistant — just like any job, really — has its fair share of downsides. For one thing, you’ll be exposed to radiation a lot due to how frequently you’ll be taking x-rays. You’re also going to have to potentially deal with difficult kids or adults who aren’t taking such great care of their teeth. You also might get some soreness in your wrists or back from so many repetitive movement. No matter what, a career as a dental assistant is a great way to give back to the community. Whether you’re working with Invisalign parramatta or simple oral hygiene  there are a ton of rewards to be had from a career in dental assisting.

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