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The Pros and Cons of a Nursing Career

As a nurse, you have a great opportunity to help individuals while also contributing to the overall wellness of the community at large on a daily basis. Deciding to pursue nursing is an intense commitment to a very important cause, and you’ll be sure to go through the education to prove it. After your regular four years of university study, you’ll have to do your nursing residency and study further the intricacies of the human body and how to help take care of it when it gets itself hurt. You’ll work some pretty long hours and see some pretty surprising ways that people can injure themselves, but on the whole, you’ll have one of the most special and rewarding careers that you could possibly choose. If you’re thinking about a career in medicine and aren’t sure whether or not nursing is a great choice for you, you can start by considering all the different plusses and minuses that come along with working the job of a nurse on a regular basis. There are various things that might convince you or might turn you away, and if you’re thinking about directing your career in a certain way it’s really smart to consider all the ups and downs before you really take the plunge. Nursing, as a career, is demanding — it’s an investment in terms of how much you’ll have to apply yourself, and it’s an investment in the financial sense as well. The cost is personal as well as financial, so we’ll talk about how you can make sure it’s absolutely the right decision.

First, we’ll talk about the upsides that come along with nursing, because there are a lot of them and they deserve your attention. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, nursing is incredibly rewarding. This is relatively obvious due to the fact that you effectively dedicate yourself to making people better on a daily basis, but it’ll also reward you in ways that you might find surprising. You’ll be able to make personal connections and make new friends like you might have never imagined. Working with other people is a joy, but making their lives better in the ways that you’re allowed to do as a nurse is something that many consider priceless. Not to mention the fact that dedicating your life to service makes you feel good on the inside, as well.

Nursing isn’t without its demands, however, and we already briefly mentioned the fact that the education you’ll need to be a good nurse is pretty intensive, and will likely wind up going beyond your standard four-year university. You’ll need a year or two of nursing instruction and then will have to get plenty of hours in a hospital or clinic before you’re allowed to get out and work in the wild world of nursing. You’ll definitely find yourself working tough hours — sometimes overnight — and dealing with tough customers every once in awhile as a nurse. Thankfully, there are a ton of resources, from the library to websites like that can help you learn what you’ll need to know as a nurse. That way you can make sure you’re prepared for one of the most rewarding careers available.

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