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The Pros of Living And Working In The Middle East

Some of the most dynamic and exciting places on Earth are situated in the Middle East.  Dubai, known as the ‘playground of the Middle East”, and with the 2020 Dubai Expo coming, has truly become a great global city. The climate is wonderful for outdoor sports like fishing, swimming, water sports and desert excursions. The Middle East is undoubtedly leading the way with an explosion of expat populations that translate into unlimited potential for those who wish to live and work there.


Middle Eastern countries like the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are highly sought after by job hunters. Below are some of the amazing benefits awaiting expats to the Middle East:


–              Low- or No Income Tax

Middle Eastern countries do not levy taxes on their residents and often extend this to expat workers, while some charge only nominal income tax. This is one of the most attractive benefits to expats as it significantly increases take-home pay and therefore savings.


–              High Salaries

Salaries are high in gulf countries and some expats can earn twice and up to three times what they earn at home. This is due to the booming wealth of these oil-rich countries whose employers are prepared to pay well for imported expertise in business, as well as other sectors of the market that make use of expat labor.


–              Relocation Allowance

Most companies in the Middle East offer a relocation allowance that includes travel for the whole family, as well as free accommodation in a hotel until a more permanent arrangement can be made.


–              Housing and Car Allowance

Many employers of high ranking business individuals offer employees working in the Middle East free or subsidized housing, or pay a generous housing allowance. A company car or car allowance is often also part of the salary package. Cavendish Professionals have a good blog on dealing with work in the Middle East.


–              Paid Travel

Air fares for the entire family to their home country often form part of the salary package for high ranking employees in the Middle East.


–              High Quality Education

Schools in the Middle East offer high quality education to expat children and there are currently a number of well-known universities for higher studies.


–              Easy Access To Holy Sites

Muslims will benefit from living within easy proximity of holy sites like Madinah and Makkah as travelling between Middle Eastern countries is easy and quick.


–              Cultural Communities

Expats will find it easy to fit in as there are numerous cultural communities already established by previous visitors to these areas. These include American, British, Australian, New Zealand, Sri Lankan, Philippino, Indian and Pakistani communities who will help you feel welcome and at home even while you are far away from your own home.


–              Minimum 2-Year Contracts

Most Middle Eastern countries offer a 2-year minimum contract to ensure that they derive the most benefit from their employees, and expats benefit from this added job-safety benefit after relocation.

The above are just some of the many benefits awaiting expats on relocating to the Middle East on a job assignment.

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