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Time for a Change of Scenery? Career Options that Will Help You See the World

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Sometimes you need a change of pace in your life. A nine to five office quickly becomes monotonous and can really dull your sparkle and zest for life. The early starts, daily commute, and same old same old routine. So why not mix up two things at once: your job and your location! Here are a few different career options that could see you engaging with new people, alternative environments and seeing a bit more of the world.

Air Crew

Aircrew get to roam far and wide across the world. Every day sees them flying miles above the clouds and immersing themselves in new countries, cultures, and landscapes. Working hours are varied, meaning that you’re not stuck in the same old routine over and over again. So where to start? Well, first, you’ll need to decide which position would best suit you. If you’re confident and like taking control of situations, then why not head the flight? Get your commercial pilot license and take to the skies. This is a specialist position, so will take a while to reach, but the job perks, salary, and opportunities that accompany the role. If you would prefer to start work a little sooner, enjoy interacting with people and have great customer service skills, you might suit a cabin crew position. This role involves making customers feel comfortable, informing everyone on board of safety procedures and serving mid-flight meals.


There are countless places searching for qualified English instructors. Europe, Asia, Africa. Wherever you want to go, there’s likely to be a paying student waiting for you. Becoming qualified to teach English abroad is much more simple than you might think. Just invest in a TEFL (Teaching English in a Foreign Language) course. These can be completed online or in designated classrooms and will give you all of the information you need to effectively tutor students. You don’t even necessarily need to speak the language of the country you will be working in. This is something that will come over time with the experience of living in the country. Not only will you get to see the world, but you the overall experience will be hugely rewarding. You will see your students become proficient English speakers under your care.

Becoming an Au Pair

An au pair, otherwise known as a nanny, is an individual who cares for other people’s children. So if you’re good with kids, this may well be the best job for you. It can take you almost anywhere in the world! You will usually cater to well-off families who are overrun with work and other responsibilities. There are agencies who will be able to pair you up with the perfect family. Their job is to find a good match for both you and the host family. They will thoroughly brief you on what is expected of you before hiring you and sending you off to your destination. This may be taking the kids to school, preparing meals or entertaining them in the evenings, during weekends or through holidays. The family will often provide your accommodation and expenses, plus your agreed salary and overtime. So it’s an effective way to travel and gather savings without spending too much.

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