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Tips for Finding a Doctors’ Job

doc With a physician shortage, it should make finding a job a lot easier for doctors than for most other professions today. However, many doctors are not going to want just any available physician position.

There are increasing numbers of older physicians that delay retirement to help cut back on the shortage, and sometimes the best opportunities will remain blocked for recent graduates. In order to find that dream doctor jobs, doctors might have to look beyond the major search engines and into some of these options that are more in-depth.

CME Conferences

A CME Conference is going to offer important opportunities for both education and licensure maintenance, but they will also allow a new doctor to meet experienced doctors in every field, along with hospital employers and managers. Recruiters will also visit these conferences when they are looking for talent, so it will be worth your while to bring along a resume. Many of the conferences will be set in interesting locations for vacations as well, which mean that you will be able to experience more networking opportunities in relaxed settings after initial talks.


With how highly connected we are in today’s world, it is very unlikely that the colleagues of physicians will not have relevant leads for sharing. They may know someone who just left a position that has been vacated, or there are contacts from former employers. The colleagues will be able to provide data goldmines to any able asker. Even when a coworker does not have information that is readily available, any aspiring jobseeker can use them to be an extra pair of eyes and ears for keeping tabs on any potential opportunities that arise.


Some hospitals will begin networking through a recruiter initially prior to posting any leads online. This could make it worthwhile for any physician jobseeker to contact their local recruiting office to ask some questions. There are some recruiters that will charge a fee for the work they do, so beware.


At any given time, you may be able to find thousands of worthy physician jobs posted online that you can pick from in and around your local area. It is simply a matter of doing your internet searches using the right keywords and keeping up on the top websites that show listings for the latest jobs. Be sure that you always check the dates for any job posting and apply for the one that is the freshest opening.

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Expand Geographically

A physician that is looking for improved employment may want to think about expanding their search geographically. Each state and municipality will not treat doctors equally. The average general or family practitioner in the state of Arkansas, for example, will make twice as much as one that is located in Montana or Washington state. Any physician jobseeker that is looking for work may want to consider tapping into places that have always been interesting to them due to the location, the hospital and personal preferences.

Humility Can Go A Long Way

Be willing to ask for direction can be very helpful in getting where you need to go. There are some physicians that may be embarrassed or even discouraged, which will make it difficult for them to tell anyone that they are still looking for employment. However, these feelings can end up holding you back from a potentially great position. Never hide your job search from friends and family, and never be shy about posting your resume online.

Visualize Perfection

There are times when it can be difficult to find your dream job simply because you have not identified exactly what that means to you. Write up, or even diagram, what it is that makes up a perfect day for you in the medical world. There could be the chance that you will help to bring about a new path that you will want to follow to new and exciting avenues in your medical career. Always keep an open mind and remain steadfast about looking for your dream job.

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