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Tips for Landing Your Dream Job

On average, we spend one-third of our lives working. That’s one-third of our lives doing either something we love and are passionate about- our dream job, or doing something else. The joy and satisfaction that come with doing one’s dream job in New Zealand are indescribable. You tend to feel complete, become more productive, and record remarkable breakthroughs when you do what you love.

The truth is, landing one’s dream job isn’t a one-way thing. It’s rather a journey whereby you may have to take up specific jobs to boost your employability and equip you with all the necessary skills for your dream job.

As soothing an idea as it is, most people do not end up doing their dream job. Not because they’re unqualified, but often because they don’t have the right tips and information to help them get there. We’ve written 4 simple tips to help you land your dream job and live a fulfilled life in this article. Keep track of them, and you’re sure on your way to landing your dream job.

1. Identify your dream job requirements

Before anyone can be considered for a job, they must at least have the job requirements. Does your dream job require that you have certain certifications? Do you have to master specific skills before even applying for the job? Are there specific years of experience you should have before even getting considered for the position? Find out. Obviously, the job requirements of medical doctors differ from that of software engineers. Once you identify the requirements for landing your dream job, you can start working towards meeting them.


2. Dream big, start small

Suppose you have all the certifications, skills, and experience you need to land your dream job, but you haven’t received any positive response yet, don’t fret. Landing your dream job is a journey, as earlier hinted. If you’re offered smaller jobs, don’t decline unless you’re sure it wouldn’t help you in any way. Otherwise, take on other jobs and start small. It’s better to start small than not to start at all. Oftentimes, smaller jobs will help you better understand how things work and prepare you ahead for the bigger role- your dream job.

3. Find valuable mentors and groups

No matter what your dream job is, chances are there are people currently occupying that role. Not just that, they know exactly how you can get there too. Guessing what works and what doesn’t will often waste your time and lead you to the same mistakes they made. Instead, connect with people who currently have your dream job and express your admiration for the job. They will often appreciate your zeal and be willing to offer a helping hand. You can also join groups, job search NZ forums with like-minded people to increase your chances of landing your dream job. You will often get important information about changes in the industry, certifications, or skills there. Also, you’d get to see other people’s stories which can significantly boost your zeal and help keep your hopes alive.


4. Use online resources

So many people have landed their dream jobs just by using online resources like job search platforms, company websites, news websites, etc. An example of job search platforms that have helped countless job-seekers live their dreams is Sourced. These online resources make job search and application easy and help you stay up-to-date with the industry.


Landing your dream job isn’t usually as difficult as it sounds. With the right information, tips, and crew, the only difference between your current job title and your desired title will be time.

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