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Top 3 Suggestions for Taking Your Career to the Next Level

Many people seem to get stuck in a career rut, holding the same position for longer than other people with similar qualifications. Others go into a position with their eyes on the next step on the career ladder. But how do you go about taking your career to the next level?

1.    Get as many certifications and skills under your belt as possible. Many employers will even pay for you to broaden your knowledge, so take advantage of it and take classes that you have strategically chosen. Start with any certifications and skills that will possibly help with your present position and then move on to ones that would be required for a higher position.
2.    Make yourself indispensable to your boss. Exceed expectations by working hard to finish your own tasks and then offer your assistance to your boss in his work.
3.    Dress the part. If you are striving for a management position but you are dressing like a janitor, you may want to rethink your career wardrobe. Even if you never have contact with customers or don’t need to dress up, make the effort to dress like those in the position you are striving for. It will help to make you stand out as the logical choice for promotion.

Taking your career to the next level is all about doing the things you can now, and having the inside track on what to do makes all the difference.

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