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Top 5 Jobs For a Working Mom


Top 5 Jobs For a Working Mom Most working moms feel like they have to choose between spending time with their family or earning a good income to support their family. Whether you are a single working mom or part of a two income household, finding the right career that gives you the work/home balance you want is essential in being happy while you work and less stressed while you are at home.


Moms who love to spend time with children often choose teaching as their career. Though it can be one of the lowest paying options, it provides the best hours for working mothers and allows you to have the summers off to spend time with your kids.


If you have a way with expressing yourself in the written word, becoming a writer may be a great option for a working mom. Not only does being a writer allow you to spend more time at home, but it can also provide you with the freedom to work exclusively at home if you choose to do so. Moms can do this by getting traditional writing jobs through print or online publications, or they can go their own way with a blog.


Like writing, being in sales requires an entrepreneurial spirit. While you can set your own hours, it takes dedication and tenacity to earn the big bucks through a sales position.


Mothers are naturally nurturing, and if you want to make sure that nurturing continues in your work life, you can use it well in a nursing career. Whether you choose to work in a doctor’s office, hospital or in a variety of locations with traveling RN jobs, it is a career path that not only provides you with an outlet to care for other people, but it also allows you to earn a good income for your family.

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Client Services

While client services careers can range from legal work and accounting to personal training, working with a group of clients is a great way to have the time and schedule flexibility you need to raise your family and still bring in a good income. Working with a small group of clients will let you schedule appointments on your terms so that both you and the clients will get the most from the relationship, no matter what type of career it may be.


These are just some of the top jobs that a working mom can consider. Finding the right job for you will depend on whether your focus is income, time or flexibility. Many of the top jobs for working moms can provide you with all three.

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