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Top Jobs for Marketing Majors

College students go to college with the aim of getting hired by a good company offering a great job. And most college majors have the ultimate goal of being hired for their chosen careers instead of settling for whatever comes their way. But all of that only matters when you know what your options are. For example, if you choose the field of internet marketing, you should know what career options are available to you. 

In the article below we look into three top jobs available for marketing majors:

1) Working for the Government

Marketing is no longer limited to PR and sales. There is a growing demand and an increasing trend towards leveraging the skills of marketing majors by the government in their “Commerce Department”. The government today is relentlessly working towards building a an “employer brand” to attract marketing majors towards jobs available in commerce – and this initiative is working to a great extent. In the commerce branch of government, marketing majors have the opportunity to build a career by helping the department make towns, cities and countries attractive for businesses while developing plans for increasing tourism.

Alternatively, marketing majors can also opt for jobs as candidate relations specialists and speech writers. Politicians often require professionals who can write their addresses and speeches. Marketing majors here are responsible for creating an inviting speech that sells and brands the politician in the eyes of his/her target audience. As a marketing major, if you choose to go for the career of a candidate relations specialist then your role is to help “build” the candidate by teaching them how to effectively promote themselves.

2) Product Management

As a marketing major, today you can find many marketing majors finding good, lucrative job opportunities in Product Management. What exactly is product management? It’s a field that covers everything from design to production to packaging/pricing of specific products.

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A product manager is also responsible for market research and promotion/advertising of these products.

Product management requires you to have a wide range of skills since you are directly responsible for the profitability of a particular product. If you choose to become a product manager you will not only enjoy the job (since its relevant to your field), but you’ll also find creative ways to grow professionally.

3) Traditional PR & Sales

Being a marketing major the last thing you want to do is underestimate the potential of traditional jobs. They not only offer great careers, but also attractive packages. Your responsibilities here may range from making product announcements using a voice blast service to closing in on an important sale. The fact remains that marketing majors are “out of the box” thinkers, so their jobs should echo their way of thinking. This is why PR and sales are a good career choice for them.

If you look around you will notice that companies such as Nabisco & Kellogg’s already have marketing majors working for them, and they’re always on the lookout for more to help them increase their brand awareness, redefine their branding goals and make a strong mark on their target audience. This just goes on to show that choosing sales and PR for building your career is and will always be an effective way to move up the corporate ladder.

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