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Truck Driving As a Career

There’s a myth floating around out there that you need to have a degree to land a secure, high-paying job. If you really take the time to look around, you will see that there are many options that can offer you good compensation. Driving a truck is one of those options.

Truck drivers can be found on virtually every highway in the entire world. Each and every product that is found in stores, got there by truck. Planes, trains, and ocean cruisers may ship products to a distribution centre or port, but trucks get them to their final destination.

Trucking can not only be fun and adventurous, but also provide you with a secure feeling, knowing that you are in demand. Both men and women alike are able to flourish in this field. If you’ve a passion for driving, and enjoy travel to different places, then this might be the job for you. Truck driving as a career doesn’t require a degree, but it does involve special licensing, and lots of training.

Of course, any individual wishing to become a truck driver is going to have to complete a professional truck driving course and obtain themselves a commercial driver’s license and truck driver insurance.

If you are indeed interested in getting into this field, it is recommended to first attend a truck driving school, or company sponsored training program. Here you will learn how to handle a truck, the rules of the road, how to do a pre-trip inspection, and the very important driving skills needed to drive these big boys. Some driving schools even offer job placement after you pass your licensing test.

According to statistics, truck drivers held down as much as 1.7 million jobs during 2016. Most truck drivers worked in general and specialized freight trucking during this period.

Some drivers will transport freight to one city on a continual basis, while others will transport freight on an unscheduled basis whenever a client will request  a shipment. It generally depends on your commercial trucking company’s capabilities, licensing, and freight planning. To learn about trucking permits, you can read more here.

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You’ll be driving commercial vehicles that weigh over 7.5 tonnes, that include transporters, articulated lorries, and trailer wagons. You’ll be working from distribution centres, warehouses, and depots carrying goods to destinations all over the UK and if you so desire, overseas.

A driver’s duties and their route lengths are determined by the type of freight they are transporting, along with the size of their trucks. A local driver will usually service a specific region on a daily basis. Both schedules and routes for drivers that transport merchandise across highways often changes.

As a truck driver, you can earn a very good living here in the UK. An entry level driver can earn £18,500 to £24,500, whereas a more experience drivers an earn £22,500 to £35,000. A Truck Driver or Heavy / Tractor-Trailer Driver earns an average salary of £26,300 per year.

In addition, since there is always a shortage of good drivers, many companies now offer a benefits package to help retain drivers. Medical, dental, vision, and life insurance are the most popular.

As far as  the job outlook goes, truck driver employment is expected to grow by as much as 14 % throughout 2017 to 2022. According to analysts, the job field will continue to grow due to the growing demand of consumer goods and the need to keep supply chains going.

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