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What Pathway is Best After a Bachelors?

Three years have gone by, and you have just finished your first degree. A question then fills your head; What to do after getting a bachelor’s degree? It is a good question, and a valid one, that this article should help resolve.

Take a Break

One option that you can do after a degree, is something well deserved, a break! You do not realize how much time the degree takes from your life. Once it is over, it can feel strange and odd. A big part of your life that you have worked hard for is over, the best way you can reset your mind is taking a break. You can go on holiday, or travel to the countryside, and explore the wonders that are on offer around the world. Or, you can simply rest, catch up on that TV series you love but haven’t had the time to watch or write or draw.

Set Up Your Own Business

In the last few years, there has been a huge upward trend for setting up your own business. It is easy to see why, with many people rejecting the traditional 9 to 5 of regular office jobs, and wanting to seek more responsibility. Also, the job market is a hugely busy market with many people fighting for finite positions, so people have taken the problem into their own hands, and started businesses so they can open up more positions for those seeking employment.

Be a Freelancer

Similar to the above, many people become freelancers. The thrill of working anywhere and then having a more one to one relationship with their clients. Building a portfolio and creating a pool of clients that could lead you to having a good foundation for starting a business. 

Apply for Master’s

If you feel like you want to continue your academic career, then maybe a postgraduate degree following your bachelor’s will be the best option. There is a huge pool of courses that could help develop your career, and also this would help you become more competitive in the job market once you complete it. You have the option of either doing a master’s in the university in which you completed your bachelor’s, or you can go to another University which has a stronger specialism in the field that you want to go into.

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Pursue Your Passion!

Last but not least, pursue your passion! You have just completed the three hardest, strongest, most enjoyable, the biggest period of development, and the most hectic time of your life. You have put your all into this degree, and you should feel proud of being able to say you have a degree under your belt. Now, you have the world at your fingertips, and the time and skills to pursue your wildest dreams!

So, after you graduate, do not dilly dally, now is the time to conquer the world. But remember, Rome was not built in a day, so take some small steps, or take a splash into the wonderful world of post-university life, and watch the skills and ideas that you built whilst doing your degree flourish and grow whatever you decide to do once your degree is over!

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