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What to do When You’ve Been Fired

Getting fired from work can be devastating, and if enough care is not taken, depression of any kind may set in. Unfortunately, this can happen to anyone. Regardless of the situation, what should you do when you’ve been fired? It’s quite tough trying to figure out what to do after such an apparently shattering event. As a result of this, we’ve put together a detailed plan to help get up and running after losing your job.

  • Ask the right questions: Immediately you get fired from work, a good first question you need to start with is to ask why you were fired. Although, your former employer might feel somehow laying your defects in front of you, at the end of the day, understanding the reason why you were fired will definitely help you improve. You’re less likely to repeat the same mistakes and risk getting fired for the same reason in the future. If you feel you were terminated wrongfully, you need to contact a top employment lawyer.
  • Leave on good terms: If there are no other options to hold another position within the company, it is essential to take steps in order to leave on good terms. You don’t have to pick up a fight with your former employer before you finally leave, as this may affect your reputation and other chances of getting hired in the future. This is because an employer who just fired you might be able to provide a positive reference for you to secure another job. Be polite, appreciate the moments you had with them and make sure you complete the necessary steps you might be asked to take before leaving.
  • Take time to reflect on yourself: This is a very important step to take after you’ve been fired. You need to take enough time to ease off the stress and also reflect on yourself. It is really important to take care of yourself during this period.
  • Start over: This is the next thing to do after you’ve given yourself enough time to reflect on yourself and mend emotionally. Make this bad time a good opportunity for yourself and your career, and set sail on a new course.
  • Update your resume: This is very important. Now is the time to update your resume or create a new one entirely. It is never too early to start scouting for job applications. Include all the necessary details, as well as the skills you’ve obtained during the time you spent with your previous company.
  • Search for new jobs: Once your resume is updated, you can start searching for new jobs. Look for positions that match your skills. And if you feel you need a new career path, now is the time to think it through and weigh your options.


Getting fired is devastating, and may seem like the end of the world, but it doesn’t define who you are in any way or form. Use this period to learn about yourself, your weaknesses, be honest with yourself, think big and be smarter next time.

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