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When is it Time to Switch Jobs?

Waiting before interviewSwitching jobs is never an easy thing to do and when the job market is ultra competitive it can be even harder to decide to make the jump. However, there will be points in anyone’s life where it will simply be time to move on and it has nothing to do with not liking the work. Simply put, by not doing so, you could be costing yourself.

Here are some tell tale signs that it is time to move on:

  • Promotion Pass Up: If you have been passed up multiple times for promotion, it may be time for you to switch jobs. If you can, finds out why you keep getting passed up and if the reasons are beyond your control you can conclude that you will likely go no further where you are and then plan your exit strategy.
  • Topped Out: It may be that you are second in charge at the company you work at. However, that company may be very small and you may know in your heart that the pay will never get better or will only get marginally better. This is known as being topped out and if you stay with a job like this you could be costing yourself dollars that would come by way of promotion with a larger company.
  • Downsizing Coming: Another sign that it is time to move on is being with a company that is steadily downsizing. When this happens it is usually because the company is not in great financial shape and you may be next. Unless you get a written guarantee that your job is safe, you may need to look elsewhere.

If you do decide to make the jump to another job, you can always try to hold on to the one you have until you find a replacement. Then you will want to give at least a two week notice, just so you can go out doing all the right things and leave no bridges burned.

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