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Working Abroad in Tourist Destinations

workThere is so much opportunity to work abroad that I am sometimes baffled that so many limit their options to their home country, or worse their small town.

It is no wonder that so many job searches prove so fruitless and so many struggle to find a job when they only looking in such a small area. To have success open your boundaries and look beyond and you might just find the job of your dreams.

For example a friend of mine Sophie, is opening up a retreat, Bali Weight Loss, and currently accepting resumes for positions in management, assistant managers, Yoga teachers, fitness instructors, chefs and more.

There are also positions available in guest relations and other guest services. For many of these positions simply a go-getter attitude and speaking fluent English is enough to secure you a Skype interview. If you do well in the interview you could be looking at landing a well paying job at a retreat in Bali, which might be the experience of a lifetime!

And job availabilities and positions like these are actually quite commonplace in amazing destinations all over the world. If you consider the tourism industry, a vast majority of tourists are coming from English speaking countries. So being a native English speaker and being eager to explore and work abroad, puts you in a prime position to get a job in a hotel, resort or retreat.

There is of course still competition for jobs, however you likely will find the competition far less than your average minimum wage job in your home town. What’s more if you’d like to get an edge then choose an area and specialize in it.

For example, many know that getting consistent work as a personal fitness trainer is challenging in almost any western country. It’s just too popular a profession, I mean getting paid to stay in the gym is very attractive for everyday gym-goers. Yet this same profession which is so difficult to make work in your home country, is actually a profession which is much needed in health and fitness destinations around the globe.

And it’s not just in Bali that there are job vacancies for fitness trainers. You’ll also find availabilities in Thailand, Dubai, Seychelles and many more places besides. What’s more if you were to become a personal trainer in Dubai for example, you could expect to command a far higher salary than if you did it in the states.

Yoga teachers are also in high demand around the world, so if you are interested in Yoga and love to travel you may consider becoming certified and then enjoying traveling and working in many exotic locations.

If you are not so much interested in the teaching of fitness classes yet are business or management focused, this is another key area where you will find demand for your skills abroad. As mentioned the clientele for resorts and retreats are predominantly English speaking, so if you are fluent in English and possess qualifications and or experience, you may find your dream position in a retreat or resort in a tourist location.

So if you’ve been struggling to find work locally, or would like to experience something new and different, you may well want to consider the opportunities of working abroad in one of the many tourist destinations throughout the world.

And very least take from this the need to expand your options, look beyond your borders and possibly specialize in an area of interest and present your services abroad.

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