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Your Career Options: Five Health Careers You May Not Have Thought About


Ten Health Care Jobs You Havent ConsideredYou’re interested in a career in health care, but you don’t know which path to take. You could easily enter a course of study that will lead to getting licensed as a registered nurse, or you could study to be an X-ray technologist. While you could follow these well-trod career paths, you could also do something a bit out of the ordinary. There are career options in the health field that you may never have thought about.



Medical Scientist

If a job researching diseases and working with stereo microscopes sounds exciting, a career as a medical scientist may be the perfect fit. You will study diseases, research ailments, and help find cures that people so desperately need. As a medical scientist, you can find work in laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and even health care agencies.



Many people imagine midwives working only in a log cabin out on the plains a hundred years a ago. However, midwifery is still a very viable and rewarding career choice. If you want to help women during one of the most important, exciting days of their lives, a job as a midwife or doulah can offer personal and professional fulfillment. If this career sounds exciting, find out what your state requires in regards to getting licensed.


Patient Educator

There are people who work with patients, teaching them about their options, rights, and more. If you want a job that allows you to work directly with people and utilizes your natural abilities to educate and inspire, a job as a patient educator is perfectly suited to you. Aside from your degree in social work, sociology, or psychology, you will need to meet local requirements.

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Massage Therapist

Giving a massage is so much more than giving someone a back rub. Licensed massage therapists can help people recover from injuries and loosen up prior to athletic competitions. Massage therapists may find themselves part of a patient’s physical therapy protocol. These licensed professionals work in private practice, athletic organizations, wellness centers, and other facilities.



Your friends always ask you for your advice on their diet. Put your knowledge to work in a career as a licensed nutritionist. In this career, you will help families and individuals eat healthily. You may find employ in a school, spa, hospital, or rehabilitation facility. If you have an entrepreneurial bug, you can go into practice for yourself.


Working in the health field is rewarding. While there is nothing wrong with seeking a career as a nurse, there are many other jobs that you may not have considered. Be sure to explore all of your options before you settle upon a course of study.

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