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College Graduates: 5 Things You Can Do to Jump Start Your Career

College Graduates 5 Things You Can Do to Jump Start Your CareerBuilding a successful career after college requires time and persistence. Most graduates must start at the bottom and work upwards. The exact path towards a successful career is not always obvious. Graduates can take several steps in order to help jump start a career after college.


Develop Interview Skills


One of the best ways to jump start a career is to develop good interview skills. A good interview will help a graduate to get the jobs necessary to build a successful career. These skills should include clear communication, confidence while speaking and engaging body language such as looking interviewers in the eyes. This should also involve learning how to dress for an interview and how to follow-up with potential employers after wards.


Choose Jobs Carefully


Graduates need to choose jobs carefully after leaving college. Every job should contribute experience and skills towards higher-level positions that will ultimately form a career. This often involves performing research on the jobs in the industry in order to see what experience and qualifications employers want. Some graduates might want to try laddering as well. This means taking very low-level positions with an appropriate company with the goal of moving up to a better job later.


Find Internships


Internships and apprenticeships are two ways to build a meaningful resume that will make finding jobs in a particular field easier. Internships at sales jobs will expose graduates to other professionals and teach valuable skills. Some employers hire interns directly who have shown skill at the job. Internships in some industries are very competitive. They are still worth the time and effort especially when networking.


Find a Mentor


A mentor is a person who is willing to dedicate time and advice in order to guide a graduate towards a successful career in a specific industry. Finding a mentor could propel a career forward very quickly. A mentor could be a manager at a job, a former professor or even a family friend working in a similar career field. Mentors can take many of the surprises out of building a career in the years after college.




Graduates should take every opportunity to build a professional network of contacts after leaving school. A network of professionals often provides inside information such as telesales sales vacancies before the announcements are made to the public. People in the network who become close friends might even provide entrepreneurial opportunities that would be unavailable otherwise. Networking requires remaining active in the larger industry.


Always Be Professional


Part of jump starting any career involves keeping a professional attitude at all times and performing well in a position. Graduates will want to be on time for work every day. All deadlines need to be met. Additionally, graduates should not bring personal problems into the workplace or start trouble with co-workers. A strong performance in a particular position will make it easier to receive promotions and good references later.

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