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College Students: 5 Part Time Jobs You Can Do While Going to School

College students long for freedom from the constraints of going to school and living with parents, but how can they get it? Getting a job on campus may be appealing to some students, but sometimes there are more opportunities away from school. With so many college students looking for jobs, it may be worthwhile to look toward other opportunities. Either way, finding a job can be incredibly liberating.

College Students 5 Part Time Jobs You Can Do While Going to School

1. Babysitting


If you love children and want to get paid to watch them, babysitting is right up your alley. Not only are there plenty of opportunities for babysitting on a college campus, but you can also turn your sights toward families away from campus. You can put out fliers or post your information online for parents to contact you. One of the downsides to working as a babysitter is that you might find yourself missing out on fun Friday and Saturday nights.


2. Tutor


Tutoring is a field you can explore on campus, at a local public school, with a tutoring center or even online. This is a great job for somebody who wants to set up a personal schedule without the obligation to punch a clock. You can also set your own focus, whether you want to tutor high school students for the SAT or elementary school children for English. Tutoring also gives back to the community, whether you are working with at-risk youth or your fellow college students who need some extra help in statistics.


3. Swim Teacher


Becoming a Houston swim teacher is a great way to work with children and make money at the same time. Not only are you teaching children about water safety and helping them learn a helpful skill, but you are also getting experience. Swimming instruction is a great field for a student hoping to work as a teacher.


4. Barista


If you love java, what would a better job be than to hang out in a coffee shop all day? If you live on campus, you are likely to see at least a few coffee shops on the way to class. Plus, you can check out bigger chains around town. You can spend your days making coffee and maintaining a serene environment for customers. This is another great career for the social butterfly.


5. Tour Guide


If you are set on finding an on-campus job, working as a tour guide might be your best bet. This is the job for somebody who is charismatic and not only knowledgeable about the campus but actually loves it. This role requires you to take small groups of high school students and their parents around the school and introduce them to the facilities.


Studying may take up a huge chunk of your time in college, but that does not mean you will not have time to work. Of course, you also need a job that gives you ample time to study and socialize with your friends. Finding a job that provides this balance is essential to your success as a student and an employee.

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