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Complete List of Interview Questions

General introductory questions:

1. Why did you (are you planning to) leave your recent job?
2. What do you know about our company?
3. Why do you want to work here?
4. What particular aspects of the company interests you most?
5. What motivates you to do this kind of work?
6. What would your dream job be like?
7.What makes you think this job is right for you at this time in your career?
8. What are your long-term goals, and how do you think you can achieve them here?
9. What are you hoping to get out of your next job?

1. Give me an example of a time when you were able to successfully communicate with another person, even when that individual may not have personally liked you.
2. Tell me about a time in which you had to use your spoken communication skills in order to get a point across that was important to you.
3. Tell me about a time when you had to defend an idea to your boss or someone else in an authoritative position.
4. Give a few examples of something complicated you have had to explain to others.  What were the results?
5. Describe a time when it was your responsibility to inform co-workers about a change in procedure or about new information.  How did you do this? What was the outcome?
6. At one time or another, all of us are misunderstood by others.  Give an example of when this has happened to you.  How did you respond and what were the results?

1. Describe a negative work experience you had with a co-worker.  How were you able to cope with the situation?
2.How do you deal with difficult people? Give an example.
3. How do you handle conflict?
4. What experience do you have with problem solving? Give an example.

1. Describe a time when you have been able to overcome an obstacle in a creative manner.
2. Describe an improvement you personally initiated.

Customer Orientation:
1. Describe a situation in which you were able to effectively “read” another person and guide your actions by your understanding of their individual needs or values.
2. Describe a situation in which you were able to positively influence the actions of others in a desired direction.
3. Tell me about a problem brought to your attention by a customer who was not satisfied. How did you solve the problem?  What were the results?
4. What type of situation would make you nervous?  Give an example and explain.

1. Tell me about the most significant thing you have ever accomplished.
2. Give me an example of an important goal that you had set in the past and tell me about your success in reaching it.
3. What was the most exciting aspect of your current or last position? Give a specific example.

Decision Making:
1. Describe a complex problem that you had to deal with.
2. Describe a situation where you failed to reach a goal.
3. Tell me about a time when a problem arose that you failed to anticipate.
4. Give an example of a time in which you had to be relatively quick in coming to a decision.
5.  Give an example of time in which you had to use your fact-finding skills to gain information for solving a problem, then explain how you analyzed the information to come to a decision.

Detail Orientation:
1. Describe a situation in which attention to detail was very important.  What did you do to focus your attention and minimize errors?  How effective was it?

1. Describe a time in which you felt it was necessary to modify or change your actions in order to respond to the needs of another person.
2. Explain how your job changed and how comfortable you are in a changing environment.
3. When it comes to the structure of your typical workday, do you prefere consistency or frequent change?
4. In what type of work setting do you feel you are the most productive?

Honesty and Integrity:
1. Give an example of a specific occasion in which you conformed to a policy with which you did not agree.
2. Describe a situation in which you made a mistake that no one else knew about and how you handled it.
3. Have you ever discovered a fellow employee doing something you knew was wrong? How did you deal with it and what were the results?
4. Give an example of something you committed to, but did not do.

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1. What bothers you most about changing jobs or chaning work assignments?
2. Describe your experiences in a situation where you had to rapidly change your priorities – where you had to stop what you were doing to do something else.
3. Tell me about a time when your entire day was scheduled and something came up that required you to change your schedule.  Has that happened frequently? How did you feel at the end of the day?
4. Give an example of a time when you had to “step in” for another person.  How did the situation make you feel?  What were the results?

1. What personal skill or work habit have you struggled to improve?
2. Tell me about a time when you showed real determination.
3. What is the most difficult task you have ever been given?
4. Tell about a time when you feel you did not perform to your full potential and explain why.
5. How many days were you absent from work in the past year?
6. In your current job, how do you prioritize?
7. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an angry customer.  How did you handle it?
8. How do you stay current in your profession?
9. What have your relationships been like with past employers?

1. In what areas have you been evaluated as above average, average, and below average (what have you done about this and how successful have you been?)
2. Give an example of how you saw a project through despite various obstacles.
3. Please explain all gaps in employment.

1. Give me an example of a time when you had to go above and beyond the call of duty in order to get a job done.
2. Describe a time on any job that you have held in which you were faced with problems or stresses that testing your coping skills. What did you do?
3. Describe circumstances where you had to work under pressure and deal with deadlines.
4. Briefly review the kinds of things that happen on your job that cause you the greatest frustration.  How do you manage these?
5. Give an example of a responsibility you really dislike.  How do you handle it?
6. Give an example of a time you made a recommendation you knew was right, yet your supervisor chose not to act on it.  How did you feel? What did you do?
7. How quickly will you contribute to our company’s success?

1. Give an example of a time in which you felt you were able to create an environment in which your coworkers or subordinates at work were motivated to do their best.
2. What did you do in you last job to contribute toward a teamwork environment?  Be specific.
3. Tell about a contribution you have made to a team accomplishment.
4. What situations do your colleagues rely on you to handle?
5. What do you do when you have extra time available at work? Give a recent example.
6. Give an example of things you have done for others in the organization without being told to do so.
7. When you see someone who is having difficulty with his/her job what do you do about it? Give and example from your job history.
8. Think of a situation in which you were part of a team and another team member refused to pull his or her weight. Describe the situation.  What did you do? What was the outcome?

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