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Construction Jobs: 6 Tools that Will Help You Get Hired

6 Tools that Only a True Man Would Own

It’s no secret that many men make a statement about how they are by the tools that they choose to use. If you’re looking to expand your arsenal of tools and declare your ultimate status of masculinity, get your hands on these six tools that only a true man would own.

Floor Jack

If it were up to you, your garage would probably already come pre-equipped with a lift for easily getting underneath your ride. However, for everyone that isn’t as fortunate, there’s the floor jack that can do just as good of a job. If you do a lot of work on your car, it’s definitely worth investing in a floor jack for easier and quicker jobs.

Table Saw

No man is complete without a table saw in his arsenal. A table saw is great for getting a precise and steady cut on various types of materials without putting too much elbow strength into the job. Be sure to add a table saw to your collection, and check out laguna table saws and other tools on the web. Browse the website to view more options for what type of table saw to get.

Socket Set

Socket sets are great because they eliminate the need to buy a bunch of unnecessary tools that can already be creating by using snap-on sets. Snap-on socket sets usually come packed with a socket wrench, attachable sockets, a screwdriver base, and many different bits that fit all sorts of screws and ridges.

Six-Draw Rolling Toolbox

Stop walking back and forth between your toolbox to frequently swap out tools. Invest in a rolling toolbox for easily bringing your tools anywhere you’d like to work in your garage. Not to mention, these types of toolboxes never really take up too much space.

Bench Vise

You can think of a bench vise as an extra set of hands. More particularly, you can think of a bench vise as the Hulk’s hands. If you plan on getting a bench vise for your garage or workshop, look for one that swivels 360 degrees for more precision in tricky jobs.

Tow Strap

Lastly, any true man has a tow strap on hand. Tow straps win out against ropes and chains due to higher durability and much more ease in storing them. Tow straps generally feature nylon and stitching that can add a whopping 20,000 pounds of capacity to your towing job. A towing strap generally only weighs around 3-5 pounds.

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