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Cover Letters Are As Important As Resumes

Most people believe that a good resume is their key to interviews and job candidacy and often put less emphasis on their cover letter. This is a big mistake! Your cover letter is as important as your resume, and sometimes even more important.

Your resume is a very long, very detailed breakdown of your work history and your skills and experience. Many employers never even look at your resume until they think you’re a potential candidate for the position. Your cover letter is often what gets them to turn the page and look at that resume. Don’t throw your cover letters together at the last minute. Spend some time and make a few versions for different types of jobs that can then be custom fit for each and every job you apply for. This is your chance to sell yourself and to help you get in the door for an interview. Keep them simple but include specific skills and experience that pertain directly to each job. Make sure you are assertive about your qualifications without being over-confident. Let them know that you are a perfect candidate for the position and tell them why. And above all else, let them know how you fit their needs. Make your letter about how you can best help them, not the other way around.

Great cover letter writing will give you an extra edge in what is currently a highly competitive job market. Make sure yours reflects your knowledge and interest in the position. It’s as important as your resume!

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