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If You Write It, Make Sure It’s Right

Every single thing that you write in your job search will become an important and tangible document that will be used by potential employers for everything from a first impression to whether or not to hire you. Often interviews depend solely on the resume and cover letter or other type of application. The final decision between you and another candidate may come down whichever was the one who took the time to write a thank-you note to the interviewer. Everything you write carries importance and you need to remember that, so you can act accordingly.

For that reason it is critical for you to make sure that every written work the potential employer sees from you is professional, neat, grammatically correct and without typos and spelling errors. You must carefully proof read absolutely everything from your resume and cover letter to emails and thank you notes. In addition to proof reading your own writing, it is also recommended that you ask another person to read it for clarity and errors. This will ensure that you make the very best impression you can with your written word.

Your written word is often the first impression a company has of you and the last thing they receive from you prior to deciding whether or not to hire you. By putting in the required effort you can be sure that the company is seeing your best work and the personification of many of your work-related traits.

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