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Quick Cover Letter Tips

You probably already know that when you are applying for a job that you will have to at some point in time turn in your resume, but did you know that you should also have a cover letter to go with your resume? A cover letter is sort of like a preview of what is to come in your resume and if written well then it should garner plenty of curiosity, which should lead to plenty of views from potential employers.

Cover letters should be short and concise and should display to someone reading it exactly what it is that you are looking for in a job. Here are some quick tips to use when writing your cover letter:

  • Keep it Relevant: Keep your cover letter relevant to you. This sounds like an obvious point, but you would be surprised as to how many times people go off track on their own cover letters. Usually it is proud parents bragging a bit about their kids. While it is great that little Suzie just won a beauty contest, your cover letter is no place for that info to be displayed.
  • Keep it Professional: When talking about yourself or others in your cover letter stay sounding professional. Saying that you are a cute and fun person may in fact be true, but such terminology will not come off very professional.
  • Proof Read: This goes beyond the ‘Spell-check’ button. Make sure you have proof read your cover letter several times and that there are no words such as hole instead of whole and so on. The fastest way to get yourself disqualified from a potential job is to have a cover letter riddled with grammatical errors.
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Remember, your cover letter is simply a preview. With that, you need to give the person reading it plenty of reasons to take the next step and actually look at your resume. Stick to the facts, be a pro, and proof read several times and before you know it your phone will be ringing with plenty of job opportunity.

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