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Do You Like Working With People? 5 Jobs That Are Perfect For You

Do You Like Working With People 5 Jobs That Are Perfect For YouDo you like to talk to people on a daily basis? If working with other people is your idea of the perfect day, then there are some jobs that would be ideal for you. Some of them involve one on one interaction with others, and there are some where you work in a large group.


This is a career where you make a difference while working in the background of all of the action. The person you help probably won’t be able to see you, but you will be a vital part of that person’s life. Whether there is a fire or a robbery, people call the dispatcher in order to receive help. As a dispatcher, you will contact police, fire or medical and send help to the caller.

Customer Service

If you like seeing a variety of people through the day, then consider a job in customer service. You can work in a variety of settings including a grocery store or department store. You will see people all day, and you will interact with all ages and personality types. This is a career where you can deal with customer issues that arise or make someone feel good by simply saying hello.

Medical Assistant

As a medical assistant, you will probably work in a doctor’s office. You will enter information about the patient into the computer and you will probably take the patient to the exam room. There are different types of medical offices you can work in including pediatrics or obstetrics. Becoming a medical assistant can be achieved at your own speed and you can usually take courses at a local community college. Some offices even provide on the job training to help you along.

Hair Stylist

This is the perfect job if you like to talk. Unless you work alone, there will be other stylists in the salon, and there will usually be several customers at a time. You will have one person to talk to while you are styling that person’s hair. If you style the same client’s hair all the time, then you can learn a great deal about their life by talking to them while the person is in the salon chair.


Nursing is a career that is rewarding on many levels. You might be the only person the patient talks to while in the hospital or doctor’s office. You will talk to doctors about the patient as well as family members to let them know about the patient’s health.

Whether you like working in a small office with a few people or a large setting like a hospital, there are numerous jobs that involve communicating with others. Find a job where you are comfortable so that you talk naturally instead of feeling like you are required to speak with others.

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