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Don’t Find a Job – Create a Job!

The internet provides many opportunities for you to create your own job. Millions of people all around the world are walking away from their jobs to create their own businesses. Many more have turned to creating their own jobs out of desperation due to the weak job market.

Unfortunately, there are still many American’s who are still out of work and haven’t even thought about making a job for themselves. Whether out of lack of knowledge or out of fear, millions are still waiting for the government or someone else to create a job for them. There are many careers you can start at home, and many opportunities for you to make up your own job and create the income and lifestyle you have always wanted.

To begin the process of creating your own job, you need to make a list. Your list should include:
•    Your technical skill sets: List everything that you know how to do. All of your technical skills and equipment you can work with.
•    Your social skills: List your social skills such as working with people, organizational skills, etc.
•    Your passions: Find the things that you are most passionate about and list them. If you create a job doing what you love, you will be more successful and the sacrifices you may have to make won’t be as hard to bear.
•    Start-up money available: Figure out how much money you have available for start-up expenses. Remember it may take a while before you are bringing in a good income.
•    What services you can offer that people are willing to pay for: Start a list of the services you can offer that people will pay for. Do a little bit of research in your local market to pinpoint what service businesses or consumers are crying out for.

Once your list is completed, it’s time to research the careers best suited for you. Compare the different choices and narrow down until you come up with the one perfect job for you to create. At the same time, it’s a good idea to ask for honest feedback from people who know you well. Don’t fill them in on your plans at first, because you may get discouraged by their reactions and doubt. However, it will be helpful to get their opinions on what you’re good at, and weigh that information into your decision-making process.

Here are a couple of internet based jobs you can create and how to get started.

Freelance Writing
Freelance writing is quickly becoming a great answer for many who are unemployed. The internet offers many opportunities for people interested in writing as a career. Freelance writing offers many areas for you to choose from.

One of the easiest ways to begin a freelance writing career is to begin a blog. You can create a website using a blog platform such as WordPress. Decide on your particular niche that you wish to focus on and you are set to blog. As your writing skills improve you can begin to write marketing articles, newsletters, SEO writing, eBooks and blogging for others just to name a few.

Overhead and start-up expenses are very low. You should create a web site for marketing and become familiar with freelance web sites where you can post your services, such as Guru, Elance, Odesk, and others.

As your writing skills improve consider publishing your own books. Amazon has made it easy and inexpensive to self-publish. There is no need to find a publisher; do it yourself. Simply set up an account with Amazon, upload your manuscript, create a book cover and your book is usually approved within 12 hours and live on Amazon. Royalties are paid directly to you.

Creating an online store has never been easier. Again, use the list you made to find a product that you can be passionate about selling and that you are knowledgeable about. Pick a niche that fits into your market and stick with it. Don’t offer the same items that are available on thousands of other sites. Homemade items such as crafts that are one of a kind are a great idea. Selling items that you already have on hand, such as antiques or sports memorabilia is also a solid model to follow.

Once you have your product, you will need to create a website that is equipped with eCommerce tools. There are many free website builders available that will walk you through building a great site for free or little money. The website builder will walk you through setting up shipping and payment methods and loading pictures and description of your products.

Create a marketing plan that is within your set budget. Daily blogging and article writing about the products and services you are selling will help draw traffic to your website. You will need to keep stock of the products you are selling and take care of the shipping and create a solid customer support system.

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to earn money online selling other companies’ products. There is very low start-up and overhead expenses. You earn commission off of the sales when people you sent to the company’s website purchase products.

To get started you first need to do some research. There are many companies out there offering affiliate programs so you need to make sure they are legitimate. Once you find the company that you want to work with, you need to choose products that make sense. Again, researching your market and the products you are thinking of advertising will help ensure you make the right choices.

If you don’t already have a website you will need to create one. If hiring a web design company isn’t in your budget, use one of the do-it-yourself website builder sites. Place the links on your website and begin your marketing.

Blogging and publishing articles about your products daily will bring potential customers to your website. Researching ‘keyword phrases’ plays a vital role in article marketing. Keywords are the words that consumers put into search engines like Google to search for the products or services they are looking for.

Service Jobs
If creating a job on the internet isn’t within your comfort zone, there are plenty of other options available to you. Consider starting a cleaning service for homes or businesses or a mobile car cleaning service. Lawn maintenance, pool maintenance or window cleaning services are increasing in popularity.

If you love to cook, how about starting a business where you cook and deliver meals for busy families? Babysitting is one of the oldest home based business opportunities out there. Think about setting up a home day care, or offer your services in their homes. Pet and house sitting is also another viable option.

As the economy continues to struggle to create jobs many Americans are taking the steps to create their own jobs, why not become one of them?

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