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Don’t Over Do It! Job Interview Dos And Dont’s

An interview is arguably the most critical step when seeking employment. While resumes may pique interest, interviews allow job-seekers to promote themselves, their abilities, and their knowledge in a personal one-on-one session with the employer. For this reason, people are under a great deal of pressure to make a good impression in order to get the job that they desire. Unfortunately, many people make costly mistakes that negatively influence the outcome of their interview. To avoid making errors that cause them to lose an offer of employment, job-seekers should have a clear understanding of the standard rules associated with job interviews. This will help make a positive impression and potentially result in an offer of employment.


Interview Do’s


When going on an interview it is important to impress the interviewer more than other candidates. Appearance and timeliness are typically the first two things that he or she will notice and quickly judge. For a positive response, do arrive at the interview no less than ten minutes early. Do dress in a professional manner, and be well-groomed. A classic no-fail look for men is to wear a dark gray or navy suit with a conservative tie, like those sold at Trend Corporate. A professional look for women is to wear a blouse and skirt, or blouse and dress slacks. When entering the interview, make eye contact and give a firm handshake. Listen carefully to what the interviewer has to say and ask for clarification if necessary. While sitting, do maintain good posture. During the interview, be positive, polite, and honest when answering questions. Research the company prior to the interview and use that research to ask intelligent questions when appropriate. Close the interview with a handshake and a smile. Send a thank-you letter by mail after the interview has been completed.


Important Interview Don’ts


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Many of the things that shouldn’t be done during an interview are directly opposite of the things that should be done. When it comes to making a first impression, don’t dress in a casual or unkempt manner. Interviewees should not wear jeans, tank tops, or short skirts. Don’t walk into an interview chewing gum, with a drink in hand, or smelling like cigarette smoke. When asked about previous or current employers, the individual who is being interviewed should refrain from making negative or sarcastic comments of any kind. He or she should not lie or offer excuses when asked a question. Don’t question the interviewer about pay. Salary and benefits should be brought up by the person who is conducting the interview. Bringing people along when interviewing is inappropriate. Do not come to interviews with parents, a spouse, children or friends in tow.


To make the most out of an interview it is important to brush up on the basics of what to do and not do. Comfortable habits may be inappropriate during an interview and can result in the loss of an employment opportunity. The number of people applying for any given job is often high, which means it is essential that people are at their best when interviewing for any position. A little research into the company and upholding a professional demeanor will increase the chance of having a positive interview and potential job offer.

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