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Don’t Put It On Your Resume! What Employers Are Really Looking For

Don't Put it on Your Resume! What Employers are Really Looking For Writing a resume can be full of hidden pitfalls for the uninformed. Employers will have a hard time placing someone whose resume is unintentionally unflattering. Make sure that your resume portrays yourself in the best light possible by following these simple tips:


DON’T include a head shot unless one is specifically requested.

Many companies will not even look at resumes that include head shots when they want to be as subjective of all applicants as possible. Let your resume do the talking as a first impression. Including a head shot with your resume will, in many cases, simply ensure that your resume goes straight into the trash cans of prospective employers.


DO mention your successes.

Make sure that your resume mentions and describes any awards you may have won, or major achievements that you have completed. Prospective employers like to know that applicants have a history of success that they will bring to a new position.


DON’T forget to proofread.

Make sure that your resume does not include any spelling or grammatical errors. Those errors will be interpreted as a mark of carelessness. Employers are not interested in hiring someone who neglects details in their resume, because they will also be likely to neglect details in the workplace.


DO write a specialized resume.

Instead of writing a general resume for all employers, tweak your resume to suit each business to whom you plan on sending a resume. Show prospective employers that you are uniquely suited to their company by tailoring your resume to fit their needs. According to Houston employment agencies, showing that you know, and are interested in the company itself, is one of the best ways to ensure being hired.

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DON’T include irrelevant information.

If you are applying for a job as a tour guide, your weekend hikes might help you to snag the job. However, that information would do nothing to secure a job in an office. Keep your hobbies to yourself, along with unnecessary details about each position that you’ve held.


DO include keywords.

When your prospective employer posted the job opening, they included specific keywords describing ideal job candidates. When you write your resume for that company, make sure that you include the same keywords used in the job posting to demonstrate that you are the person that was described in the job posting.


And finally… BE HONEST!

Employers can check details that you included on your resume. Lies about salary, education, and previous positions held can not only prevent companies from offering you a job, but they can also cause employers to withdraw offers that they made if they find out that you lied on your resume.

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