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Dress the Part: What to Wear During Your Next Job Interview

Like it or not, the way that you look can play a role into whether or not you are offered a job. You land a call for an interview by spending your time gaining experience and constructing a professional resume, but all of that hard work can be erased if you don’t spend time putting together an appropriate outfit for your job interview. Your wardrobe can actually give you a leg up on the competition, and if you choose the wrong wardrobe your resume may find its way in the wastebasket. Here are valuable tips to dress the part and make a good first impression:

Know the Part You Are Dressing For

If you are applying for a position in a legal environment, you must wear a suit. Suits are a must for the business environment, but you can put a twist on your wardrobe if you are applying for a more creative position. A black, gray, or navy pantsuit will work in almost any situation, but you can adorn the suit with accessories to show off your personality.


Showing Individuality in Your Wardrobe

Individuality is very important when you are a job applicant. If you don’t give the interviewer a reason to remember you, they probably won’t. There are several ways to show off individuality while still dressing the part. A dramatic necklace, conversation starting earrings, unique high heels, or stunning cufflinks that you can find at can personalize an outfit so that you are dressing the part without being boring or generic. Choose an item that will become a focal point, and the executive you speak will keep the image in their mind when they are considering candidates.

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Colors Should Be Chosen Wisely

Colors and patterns can be incorporated into your outfit, just make sure you don’t get too colorful. It’s best to choose neutral colors for your bottoms and your suit jacket, and then add color with your accessories. If it’s cool out, add color with a scarf, watch, or set of cufflinks. Choosing too much color or very loud patterns may make the wrong impression.


You should practice your answers to build confidence, but don’t overlook how important your wardrobe can be. Set out your outfit, be sure to iron everything, and look classy, professional, and confident all in one. Promoting your own personal brand and your skills is important, but selecting the right clothing and accessories is half of the battle on interview day.

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