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5 High-Earning Career Choices You Can Make After Lean Six Sigma Certification

After earning your Lean Six Sigma certification, you have made it clear that you have a strong command of Lean methodology. But for many, this is only half the battle won. Choosing which career path to lead can sometimes be difficult, especially when you know how critical it is to take advantage of this valuable credential. For example, if you have earned a lean six sigma black belt certification, you become eligible for quality assurance and senior project manager positions.

So, when you dig a little deeper, you’ll find that there are several rewarding career opportunities you can make right after earning a Lean Six Sigma certification. Let’s get you started with five of the most lucrative career paths you can take:


1.  Business Process Manager


Time and again, it has been proven that the Lean Six Sigma methodologies can work miracles when combined with business process management (BPM) routines since it is one of the most valuable ways to encourage business growth. While BPM helps an organization improve processes and automation, the lean methodology uses statistical investigation for quality enhancement.

Therefore, a business process manager, well-versed in the language of lean six sigma methodology, can easily make sure that business processes are in harmony with organizational goals. Also, companies are more interested in hiring people who have earned a certification in courses for managers to further push their companies’ growth. And if you have the lean six sigma certification, the chances of getting hired in a renowned company are very high. Moreover, an employer will know that you have a vision, willingness to seek innovation, and talent to redesign processes. Furthermore, you get handsomely paid for your services as a manager from anywhere between $70,000 to $110,000.


2.  Project Lead Specialized in Lean Six Sigma


Another excellent career opportunity for you could be as a lean six sigma project lead. A person working as a lean six sigma project lead is qualified for leading and managing the distribution of business improvement projects in a firm. They can provide guidance and encourage the formulation of improvement plans, tools, and procedures, further securing an organization’s future.

Additionally, these project leads must actively participate in business improvement by adequately using tools and techniques of project management and lean six sigma methodology. Make sure you are highly capable of absorbing complex information about an operational process or even a product. So when opting for a career as a lean project lead, you can expect an annual average salary of more than $120,000 per annum.


3.  Six Sigma Consultant


When you opt for a six sigma consultant, make sure that you live and breathe six sigma practices and principles. However, if you want to become a successful and high-earning six sigma consultant, you’ll constantly have to expand your skill set. Moreover, you’ll have to perform and get better at improving your efficiency, productivity, and enhancing customer satisfaction of your clients.

Besides everything you can learn about the lean six sigma methodology, you should at least have a Green Belt certification and a workforce to help you carry out your consultancy operation and further empower your organization. In the United States, a six sigma consultant earns up to $84,000 a year, making it a career choice worth pursuing.

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4.  Functional Project Lead


A functional project lead identifies business requirements while working with crucial clients and stakeholders, further helping them build their trust in an organization. However, it’s only one of the duties a functional project lead performs for its growth. Their other duties include working with the experts of subject matter and significant business partners to manage hindrances and risks. Therefore, if you have an innate talent and interest in problem-solving, this career path can be what you want, and your search ends here. Moreover, when you have a comprehensive understanding of six sigma methodology, being a functional project lead can minimize the waste and operational costs – an important role that you can perform in the growth of a business. And a functional lead can expect more than $105,000 annually.


5.  Director and Manager of Operational Excellence


When you make your career choice as a director and manager of operational excellence, be assured that you are selecting the most beneficial six sigma profession anyone can offer you. In this role, you’ll have responsibilities such as managing the implementation of actions, obtaining business intelligence, assuring the quality of operations, building functional objects, and much more.

So when you have earned your Lean Six Black Belt certification, we are confident that you can pull off this role with expertise. Furthermore, your employer knows that you have excellent leadership and collaboration skills that can prove valuable for their organization with a black belt certification. Also, developing a solid business understanding will be helpful for you to lead complex and substantial projects of a business.

Hence, you won’t face much difficulty in finding this role as long as you have a six sigma black belt certification to back you up on this subject matter. For all these reasons, it quickly becomes the highest paying six sigma career path on the list you can choose from, with approx of $155,000 annual salary in the United States.

To Sum it Up

There is an excellent emphasis on lean management, constant improvement in the quality of products and services, and other essential business operations in today’s world. As a result, the relevance and importance of Six Sigma certifications are more than ever before, and businesses around the world are more than willing to hire a workforce with this particular understanding. So the first thing you will need is to clear all doubts from your mind and have a positive outlook about the future and the opportunities it’ll bring to you.

However, sometimes it can become challenging to make the right choices as there are many different roles to choose from, and for this reason, the information mentioned above can help you make the right decision. Just make sure that you select the proper six sigma role based on your interest and capabilities that will further help you build a rewarding and successful career.

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