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5 Reasons to Find a Career Mentor in College

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job interviewWhen it comes to going to college, it can be hard to navigate the tough balance between going to school and focusing on a career. The goal, of course, is to jump seamlessly from college to a career, but the transition can often be rocky. You may be wondering if the career goals you have are realistic or you may be wondering how to get from point A to point B with the least amount of resistance. This is the reason why having a career mentor in college is so important. A career mentor can help you navigate your course in college and a mentor can help navigate your course as you transition out of college. Here are five reasons to find a career mentor in college.

  1. A career mentor may see something that you don’t see. At the end of the day, a career mentor will be integral when it comes to finding your unique identity in whatever field you are interested. For instance, if you are getting Case Western University’s degree in social work, your mentor may see you working in a certain capacity that you may not see yourself working in, but it may just be within that capacity that you thrive the best.
  2. A career mentor has been through it all and knows exactly what you are going through and what your next challenges will be. Are you curious about the future? Are you trying to figure out how to get through college in one piece? Having a career mentor can guide you through the choppy waters that is college. With all the experience your mentor has had, he or she may be a crucial ally through it all.
  3. A career mentor will be someone you can rely on when the water gets especially choppy. A mentor won’t charge you an hourly rate – if you really wanted to, you could call your mentor whenever you want. A mentor won’t necessarily be your psychological guidance counselor, but he or she will be someone that you can talk to and work out ideas with. This can be especially important if you want someone’s advice – someone that is older and more experienced and that is not your peer.
  4. A career mentor will have connections. When it comes down to it, because a career mentor has so much experience, he or she will have a whole network of contacts that you can tap into for job opportunities. At the end of the day, if you are looking for a career after college, your mentor may be an excellent source. If they see potential in you, your career mentor may just recommend you to a certain organization or employer.
  5. A career mentor will be a lifelong friend. When it comes to having someone that you can count on – a career mentor will also be a friend that over the years will seem like family. If you are serious about your career and ambitions, your mentor will inevitably become an integral part of your life, which in essence is worth more than anything else.

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