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Can You Really Study Around A Full Time Job?

Want to further your education but can’t afford to give up your day job? Studying around a full time job isn’t easy, but it is possible. Here’s how you can manage studying whilst juggling full time work.   

Look for flexible study options

Being able to study in your own time will allow you to fit studying around your job. As sites like Rutgers showcase, it’s now possible to study subjects as advanced as biomedical engineering online.  Some courses may still require you to do exams on campus – you should check this before enrolling on an online course.

Alternatively, look for a flexible job

If you’re concerned with keeping your current job, but still need to work full time, you may be able to find another job that gives you more flexible hours. This could be something that you’re able to fit around your studies, even allowing you to study on campus if it’s an online-based job or a job local to your campus. The Balance Careers outlines several jobs that offer flexible hours – some of which you may be able to do.

Find your optimum study time

You want to be able to study at a time when you have few distractions and when you’re most motivated. Some people find that they’re able to concentrate on studies best during the evenings (if you have kids, waiting until they’re asleep could be the only time you feel you can concentrate). However, others may feel demotivated by the time evening comes around, especially if they’ve had a stressful day at work – getting up early in the morning could allow you to study when you’re fresher and more alert. You may even find it easier to keep weekdays free and cram studying into one weekend day. All in all, you should try studying at different times in the beginning to find the time the best suits you, at which point you can then create a schedule and stick to it.

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Use your commute and work breaks

You may also be able to find time to study on your way to and from work, as well as during work breaks. The fact that you’re already in work mode could make it easier to knuckle down and study as you won’t feel that you’re eating away at your free time. Of course, this may not be possible for everyone.

Don’t sacrifice all your free time

It’s important to still give yourself free time to avoid burning out. If you’ve also got kids and other responsibilities, you may already have little free time, in which case it could taking on studies may be too much of a strain – in this situation, taking on reduced work hours may be a necessity. There are financial support schemes available offered by colleges and by the government for those that need them. You can find more information on this financial support at sites like Turn2Us.

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